2002 Life Jewels Volume 7
1 minute pro-life audio messages for the right choice
Created 2002
Life Jewels are produced by  Life Issues Institute, Inc.
 hosted by Dr. John C. Willke.

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Table of Contents Volume 7 Life Jewels 2002
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 1] Human Life When?
 32] The ABC Link
 2] First Cell Stage
 33] Biologic Father's Duty
 3] Timing of Conception
 34] Susan B. Anthony
 4] Clone Double Talk
 35] Mandate Training
 5] Clone& Kill?
 36] Military Abortions
 6] Cloning Objections
 37] Reverse Roe & Doe?
 7] A Clone Alone
 38] Two to Overturn
 8] Frozen Embryo Alive
 39] Punish the Woman?
 9] Identical Twining
 40] Accessory to Crime
10] Human Sacrifice
 41] Euthanasia A Threat?
11] Pill Causes Abortion
 42] 5 Last Words
12] Emergency Abortion
 43] Hendin/Holland
13] Maternal Ultrasound
 44] Dutch Slippery Slope
14] 3-D Sonograrn
 45] AMA Against Euthanasia
15] Crisis Pregnancy Center
 46] Hospice
16] Give Baby Life
 47] Depression & Suicide
17] Unwanted Pregnancy
 48] Terminal Costs
18] Place Her Baby?
 49] Most Important
19] Avoid Poverty?
 50] Talk Radio
20] Teen Pregnancy
 51] Marriage Good for Kids
21] Letter from Heaven
 52] Married Live Longer-Women
22] Vaccine from Fetus?
 53] Married Live Longer-Men
23] Replacement Births
 54] Teens & Divorce
24] Population Decline
 55] Divorce Hurts Men
25] School Problems
 56] Newborns Feel Pain
26] Papillomovirus
 57] Fewer Abortions
27] Sexes Are Different
 58] School Sex Clinics
28] One Child Policy
 59] Fathers Important
29] China's Frustrated Men
 60] Call Us Pro-Life
30] Planned Parenthood & Adoption
 61] Marriage Helps Kids
31] 911 Free One In N.Y.C.
 62] Hitler and Abortion

 63] Below Birth Rate
65]Dutch Slippery Slope  64] Death With Dignity?

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Volume 7 Life Jewels 2002

Human Life When? 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The battle has been joined.  Is this a fully, truly living human in the first week of life? Does lethal experimentation really kill him or her?  Will Planned Parenthood, the anti-life forces, and the big biotechnology research companies be able to convince the public that the answer is no?  If they succeed, the value of human life will be transferred from an absolute, unalienable, and sacred value, to that of a commodity.  It will be a product to be made and destroyed, to be bought and sold, to be used and discarded. 

    The battle today is just the beginning.  It will point the way that our civilization will go for decades to come.  The anti-life forces will not quit, and certainly we should not.  We must hang in there.  This issue is simply non-negotiable.  This is Dr. Willke. (toc)
First Cell Stage 

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
We must say again and again that human life begins at the first cell stage; it does not begin at implantation.  The entire controversy around stem cells and about cloning has brought this issue back to the forefront.  Let’s just keep repeating again and again that the spark of human life begins at fertilization, at that first cell stage.  That’s when we were alive, each of us was sexed, we were certainly human and we were complete, for nothing was added from that time until the old man dies—nothing except nutrition and oxygen. 

Implantation occurred when each of us was one week old.  That’s when we affected the body of our mother and our presence could be measured, but that wasn’t when our life began.  Each of us was one week old when we planted in the nutrient lining of our mother’s womb.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Timing of Conception 

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
It has long been thought that if human conception begins when the female egg is aging, or the same for the sperm, that in such a case the chance for an abnormality of the baby is greater.  Accordingly, a major study was done through Natural Family Planning and was recently published in the prestigious medical journal, Lancet.

 This study found no significant differences between the infants of women who conceived when egg and sperm were fresh, so to speak, or when conception occurred when they were aging.  While it would be reassuring to have more studies to confirm this, this particular one concluded, “At this moment it looks like couples do not need to worry about timing of their attempted or completed conceptions as we found no apparent fetal problems in our study.”  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Clone Double Talk 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Therapeutic cloning has been renamed research cloning.  That’s because it has nothing to do with therapy and it has everything to do with research.  They, however, continue to hide what they are doing by using language that is highly confusing.  For instance, let’s take creating a human clone and then killing him or her after the research has been performed. 

In a medical journal it sounded like this:  “Cell replacement through nuclear transfer requires a deliberate creation and disaggregation of the human embryo.  Because therapeutic cloning requires this creation and disaggregation, ex-utero of bastocyst stage embryos, this technique raises complex ethical questions.”
    Did you get that?  I would simplify it by saying; research cloning stripped to its bare essentials is basically the technique of clone and kill, and we oppose it.  (toc)
Clone & Kill? 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Apparently, most lawmakers, worldwide, would forbid cloning if it involved carrying the cloned child to term.  On the contrary, it seems that perhaps a majority would favor cloning if there was a guarantee that the cloned human would then be killed before he or she got too old. 

Now let’s just say for the minute that would be the law.  But now we have a young lady, Susan, who has had a cloned human embryo implanted and announces that she’s pregnant and intends to carry to term.  What can such a law do?  Force her to have an abortion?  Prosecute her?  Can she be forced to kill her child or go to jail?  She doesn’t have to reveal the name of the laboratory that impregnated her.  This whole thing is nonsense.  Any laws that only allow cloning to kill, will, in practice, open the door to cloning on request.  (toc)
Cloning Objections 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The vast majority of Americans object to human cloning.  And they object on multiple grounds:  This constitutes unethical experimentation on the child-to-be, subjecting him or her to enormous risks of bodily and developmental abnormalities.  It threatens individuality, deliberately saddling the clone with a genotype who has already lived and whose previous life his or her life his or her life and to whose previous life his or her life will always be compared. 

It confuses identity by denying the clone two biologic parents and by making it both twin and offspring of his older copy.  Cloning also represents a giant step toward turning procreation into manufacture; it is the harbinger of much grizzlier eugenic manipulations to come.  Permitting human cloning means condoning a despotic principle:  that we are entitled to design the genetic makeup of our children.  (toc)
A Clone Alone   

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Just think a moment…What if you were a human clone, successfully born and raised.  You would have no father or mother.  You would not have been related to anyone, as you have no genealogy.  You would have no roots.  Your beginning would not have been in a love embrace.  You’d be a single individual appearing from nowhere…alone…the pure product of technology. 

You would only be yourself, with all relationships severed from all other individuals in the past.  You would simply have appeared one day with no roots, no family.  I think this would put a terrible psychological burden on this new individual, who would realize that he or she was not conceived in love, in a relationship, in a family, and has no past, but is purely and simply biologically a human, generated technologically.  This is Dr. Willke. (toc)

Frozen Embryo Alive 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
All of us were created the same.  Each of our lives began at fertilization.  We each once were a single cell, which subdivided and then we called you an embryo.  Have you ever thought of a frozen human embryo as a Mary Doe? 

You see, such a Mary Doe, today a frozen embryo, can be thawed and placed in the womb of a woman who wants to adopt her.  When this Mary Doe is removed from the concentration can in which she is frozen, and returned to the warmth of life and implanted in the temple of the womb of an adoptive mother, she is then is given the opportunity to fulfill her destiny.  Frozen human embryos are not, as so many politicians and judges say, potential life.  No, they are fully human lives with vast potential.  (toc)
Identical Twining   

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
If the human embryo still has the ability to twin, it isn’t human yet? Therefore, a human clone, prior to definite single individualization is not human and can be killed for his or her embryonic stem cells.  This argument is being put forth to justify cloning and then killing the 4-day-old human embryo for those stem cells.

    Is this true?  No, the argument is ridiculous.  Naturally occurring identical twins start from a single fertilized egg. In such natural twining, the human embryo develops from his or her original single cell, splits into two, each of which then becomes a fully human life, at the time the splitting occurs. It is thought that this naturally occurring identical twinning happens in the first few days of life, just when the scientists want to clone and kill.  (toc)
Human Sacrifice 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Heard of human sacrifice?  Yes, all through history.  The Mayans and Aztecs had their sun temples.  The American Hurons sent a virgin over Niagara Falls.  Babylonians had their ziggurats.  Israelites at times sacrificed their children to Baal.  In India, widows are cremated with their dead husbands.  All of these human sacrifices were by high priests and for the benefit of that nation.  But today we sacrifice in a cleaner way. 

Dressed in white coats, scientists of today are the high priests, and what they sacrifice doesn’t even yet look human – embryos, blastocysts.  But it’s also to be done for the good of the people.  Might we ask what is the difference between the first group and today’s group?  Today’s human offering doesn’t look human, but the reality is the same.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Pill Causes Abortion 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Did you know that the common birth control pill sometimes does something more than prevent pregnancy?  Every birth control pill made today does this and the makers of these pills agree that it happens.  You see, there are three mechanisms of actions by the Pill. 

The first is suppress ovulation, the second, thicken the mucus at the cervix to prevent sperm from entering the womb and reaching the ovum.  Third, and most controversial, it hardens the endometrium or lining of the womb, making it inhospitable to the tiny developing embryonic unborn baby.  So, if she is on the pill and it doesn’t prevent ovulation, and conception does occurs, this new embryonic human cannot implant when one-week-old.  This third function kills this new human embryo and is clearly called an abortion.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Emergency Abortion 

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The terms “emergency contraception” and the “morning after pill” are used to describe a way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.  We are told that, if taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex, pregnancy can be prevented.  This is a falsehood.  The most likely thing these pills will do is to cause an abortion. 

These chemicals are simply a six- fold dose of birth control pill.  If ovulation has occurred, fertilization will likely result, but the pills will harden the lining of the uterus and not allow the one-week-old, tiny, developing baby to implant in the womb.  As a result these pills directly result in killing this child and this is quite simply an abortion.  By promoting these drugs they hope to blur the line between contraception and abortion and make abortion seem less ugly.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Maternal Ultrasound   

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Here’s a true story from a pregnancy help center in Houston.  A college student, 12 weeks pregnant, came to the center.  She was abortion-minded but was persuaded to come in and have an ultrasound examination done.  When she saw the ultrasound image of her unborn child, the baby seemed to be kneeling with hands folded. 

She burst into tears and cried out, “He’s praying!  My baby is praying so that he won’t be killed and will be allowed to live.”  Needless to say, that was the end of any abortion thoughts in her mind.  She did carry the baby to term.  Now, if you don’t have ultrasound at your pregnancy help center, do give it some very serious thought.  With a determined effort, most help centers that want an ultrasound machine have been able to raise the funds, and you’ll save babies.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)

3-D Sonogram 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Three-dimensional ultrasound is a new technology it gives a remarkably detailed and clear picture of unborn babies.  Recently, a woman came into a pro-life women’s help center to confirm her pregnancy.  She still wanted to schedule the abortion – even after she had seen a traditional sonogram.  She was persuaded, though, to postpone her abortion and return for a 3-dimensional sonogram the next day. 

As the technologically advanced equipment moved over the unborn baby’s face, the pregnant woman gasped and said, “That’s my boyfriend’s face!”  The image was so clear this new mother could see the resemblance to the baby’s father.  From that moment on, she would have done whatever was necessary to protect her yet-to-be-born child.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Crisis Pregnancy Center   

        This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Words are important.  What we call things very definitely helps to shape in a person’s mind what that thing is.  An example of this, that we are now calling into question, is the term, “crisis pregnancy center.” 

Certainly, many women with an unwanted pregnancy would agree that their life is in crisis.  For many other women, however, that may not be the best term to use all the time.  The title, crisis pregnancy center has been rethought in recent years and I agree that a better name to use is “pregnancy help center” or “pregnancy assistance center” or just plain “women’s center.”

    I think these would be a better face to the public and would be more likely to bring women into the center.  It puts more emphasis on caring and loving rather than the harsher term crisis center.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Give Baby Life

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
    We’ve all heard and I’m sure most of us have used the term, “give your baby life.”  We’ve applied this to a woman who is pregnant and who unselfishly proceeds to carry her baby to term and deliver.  The phrase itself sounds fine.  “She gave her baby life.” 

    But, you know, it’s incorrect.  The baby was alive from the first cell stage.  If not her baby could not have grown.  So, she didn’t give her baby life, God did.  But we’ve all used this phrase and with the best of intentions, and it is soft and pro-life. But, the down side is, it may reinforce what pro-aborts have told her, and that is, abortion is not killing because her baby isn’t alive yet. 
    So what’s the answer?  Well, maybe instead of saying, “give her baby life”, let’s say, “give her baby love.”  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Unwanted Pregnancy 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
A commonly used phrase is to speak of “unwanted pregnancy.”  We also hear the phrase “unplanned pregnancy” and, of course, “unwanted children” and “unplanned children.”  This really turns me off.  If we think a moment, it’s very obvious that a phrase like this is a comment about the mother or other adults involved, it certainly is not a description of the baby. 

Unwantedness—sounds like you are going to purchase a commodity and babies aren’t commodities.  To use this infers that the child has no intrinsic value but that only the woman’s situation and the woman’s feelings and the woman’s desire determines whether that child has worth or not.  So when that phrase is used, let’s remember that it’s a comment about the pregnant woman and that it sharply devalues the child.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Place Her Baby?   
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In counseling a woman who is considering adoption for her baby, the words we use are very important.  Certainly we should never speak of “giving her baby away” or   “giving up her baby.”  To put it mildly, this is the wrong approach and might very well turn her off. 

    Rather, let’s speak of “placing the baby in a loving adopted home.”  Let’s speak of “making plans with an adopting couple for the future for your baby.”

    Always remember that every woman wants to keep her child.  To place the baby in a pair of loving arms may well be the greatest act of love she’ll ever perform in her lifetime.  She will never forget her baby.  That ache will always be there.  But the memory will be a comforting one and far better than its opposite of, “I killed my baby.”  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Avoid Poverty? 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
William Galston gave us some simple but sterling advice a few years ago.  Noting that more than two-thirds of African-American children are born out of wedlock, and that one-fourth of whites are also born out of wedlock, he noted that no culture can remain healthy with statistics like these.  He noted that a significant percentage of these children remain in poverty.  What to do?  How can such a child rise out of poverty?  His advice was very simple.

    He said, you need only do three things in this country to avoid poverty; finish high school, marry before having a child, and marry after the age of twenty.  Among those who follow such advice, only 8% are poor, while 79% of those who do follow the above advice are not poor.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Teen Pregnancy 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Teenage pregnancy—that has a rather ominous and negative sound to it doesn’t it?  But think a minute, many of you listening were the teenage pregnancy of your mother.  There is a vast difference between a fifteen-year-old unmarried, poverty stricken girl, and an eighteen or nineteen-year-old married woman who is pregnant. 

Both are teenagers, but only one is of concern to us.  It is really foolish to define teenage motherhood as a problem.  Rather we should look at poverty, at low levels of education, and the single marital status of teenage mothers.  Those are the aspects that we should be concerned about.  In purely physical terms, with good pre-natal care, a pre-natal pregnancy is a very healthy thing for a young woman to experience.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Letter from Heaven 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
And today a letter from an aborted baby from Heaven:  “Momma, I know you killed me when you aborted me, but you didn’t destroy me.  All you did was send me to Jesus earlier.  Should I be mad at you?  Yes, but I’m not.  I don’t know why you didn’t want me.  I wanted you.  I wanted to have you hold me and feed me.

 I know you’d have loved me if you hadn’t let the abortionist kill me.  But it’s over and I’m in a happy place now, and I will be praying for you.  Yes, I wanted to be born, but you couldn’t hear me because you didn’t listen to your heart.  I hope someday you’ll come to heaven—then we can be together.  Don’t cry; Jesus will forgive you.  Remember I’ waiting for you.”  This is Dr. Willke. (toc)
Vaccine from Fetus?
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Can conscientious pro-life parents allow their children to be immunized with vaccines that have been grown on cultures derived from aborted babies?  We must match this objectionable feature to the substantial risk of illness and even death to children if vaccines are not administered. 

Make new vaccines from non-aborted human tissue?  Yes, and some of this is underway.  But for now what?  A national bioethical authority, Dr. Daniel Maher, has said this: “Parents who understand and deplore the relation of these vaccines to abortion, who find no other way to guard against infectious diseases, can morally use these vaccines.”
    Some disagree, but I’ve been a physician for over 50 years and have seen children die before the vaccine came.  I’ll go with Dr. Maher.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Replacement Births 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Population replacement birthrate is crucial to the continuing existence of a nation.  In a developed nation, the average woman in her lifetime must have 2.1 babies in order to maintain the current level of population.  In an underdeveloped nation, with a higher infant death rate, the number must be more like 2.4.

Every major western European nation has a birthrate well below replacement level.  The lowest are in Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany they have 1.2.  These low rates add up to a potential demographic disaster.  The U. S. alone is above replacement level, but only 2.13 according to the 2000 census.

Yet, in the face of this slow national suicide, all of these nations continue to kill off large numbers of their people through abortion.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)

Population Decline 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Did you notice even the extremely biased press and, wonder of wonders, the United Nations itself is finally admitting that their frantic warnings of population explosion simply are no longer valid.  Not long ago, the UN world population estimated that the 6 billion people in the world today will become 10 billion by the year 2100. 

But now UN spokesmen say the figure will be more like nine billion or maybe eight.  We are now being told that the world’s population will peak within the next fifty years and then start an irrevocable decline, that is, unless some momentous change occurs.  You know what?  We pro-life spokespeople have been telling you this for the last ten years.  Now even our radical press and the UN are admitting this.  This is Dr. Willke.  (toc)
School Problems
        This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
I’m in my seventies, but if I think back to what problems in school when I was a kid, there were problems with us chewing gum, talking in class, and we’d be disciplined for not doing their homework.  Sometimes we were called to task for stepping out of line when we walked from one room to another. We also got caught for shooting rubber bands and spitballs, and obviously for cheating. 

    But today’s top problems are drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, abortion, suicide, homicide, gang violence, anorexia, bulimia.  And let’s add AIDS and other sexual diseases, poverty, homelessness, and single parenthood.
And all of these changes have occurred within my lifetime, and that of many of your grandparents.  The world has truly turned upside down.  This is Dr. Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Human Papillomavirus, HPV, is a sexually transmitted disease.  Recent studies show that 14% of all female college students become infected with this virus each year.   Tragically, many of them don’t know it, there are few symptoms.  The real tragedy here is that it causes cervical cancer. 

In the U.S. there are 14,000 such cancer cases every year and 5,000 of these women die.  Condoms provide absolutely no protection for this.  It is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, not merely by body fluids.  The only way to keep from getting this infection is to abstain from sexual activity until you are married, to marry a person who is not infected, and to stay faithful for the rest of your marriage.  Sounds downright Biblical doesn’t it?  But in today’s world, this is also just plain common sense.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)

Sexes Are Different 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
For decades now, liberal social thinkers have been telling us that men and women are basically the same except for their physical differences; that the way we interact and live, is a result of social conditioning, of our environment, and training, and that it is not due to any intrinsic, genetic differences. 

Because of women leaving the home and becoming wage earners, men as househusbands, broad education for both, many thought changes were occurring.  Over three decades now, however, the major findings have been, “stability and increased sexual differentiation.  This is particularly true in increased femininity of females,” as rated by both males and females themselves.  So gender differences are not decreasing.  To many liberal experts’ surprise, men are still men and women are still women.  That means in the nursery you can still decorate with either blue or pink. (toc)
One Child Policy   

        This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
What all is involved in China’s family planning program?  Well, briefly stated, women are not permitted to marry until age 23.  All children conceived out of wedlock are aborted.  Each married couple is permitted only one child.  And after this, the woman is forced to use an IUD.  Any unauthorized pregnancy, then, is aborted, and, invariably, after the birth of the second child, which is permitted occasionally, the woman will be sterilized. 

    This can involve imprisonment, sometimes their relatives are detained and held hostage.  Not unusually, their homes are simply destroyed.  They may have crippling fines levied against them.  Unauthorized babies, if born, are commonly killed by injecting a poison into the soft spot in their heads.  This is China’s One-Child-Policy.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
China’s Frustrated Men 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
China has had a one-child policy for over two decades now.  Chinese officials tell us that there are almost 117 baby boys born for every 100 girls.  Have we ever had a culture where there are far more young men than women?  They will want to marry, but there won’t be enough wives. 

China is moving toward a culture where there will be tens of millions of frustrated men who cannot find wives and who will not, therefore, undergo the taming, civilizing influence that a wife and children typically have on a man.  So what lies ahead?  An increase in violence?  More male homosexuality?  It certainly doesn’t look like more internal stability.  Rather, perhaps, internal social turmoil—and possibly even external military aggression.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Planned Parenthood & Adoption 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Planned Parenthood runs advertisements claiming that they are pro-family.  But they kill one out of every six unborn babies aborted in the U.S.  If they are pro-family some of these women, probably, chose adoption?  Well, let’s look.  The actual numbers are this: In the year 2000 they did 200,000 abortions compared to 2,500 adoption referrals. 

That means that for every 100 women who walked into one Planned Parenthood’s death camp, almost 98 out of 100 chose death for their child.  Only two chose life.  Are we to assume that these decisions were the totally free and fully informed choice of each of those women, or do we assume that Planned Parenthood’s so-called counselors are very good salespersons, and what they’re selling is death, not life?  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
911 Free One In N.Y.C. 

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
After the September 11 tragedy in New York, Planned Parenthood did their part for humanity by offering free abortions to women affected by the terrorist attack.  Now, imagine being a widow whose husband was suddenly and violently taken away.  All that remains of him is the precious beating heart of his unborn child nestled underneath your own. 

As a solution to your tragic situation, Planned Parenthood offers to kill your baby, and free of charge.  They are the largest promoter and provider of abortion-on-demand in America.  In comparison, the pro-life movement offers true compassion and hope for these widows, and for their babies, and for other women faced with uncertain times during their pregnancies.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
The ABC Link 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Did you know that there is a link between abortion and the likelihood of developing breast cancer?  The major media outlets have been silent, and so have the major cancer research organizations.  Certainly it’s no surprise that the abortion industry doesn’t want anyone to know about this.  However, the evidence is overwhelming.  28 out of 37 worldwide studies show a link between abortion and breast cancer.  13 out of 15 U.S. studies report the same link. 

Seven of these show more than a twofold increase in risk.  This is especially true if she aborts her first baby.  It’s time that women were made aware of the possible physical complications of abortion.  You seem this one may kill her.    This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Biologic Father’s Duty 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
For many years now we’ve been living with a Supreme Court decision that granted women the choice to have her unborn baby killed.  But more recently, Karen DeCrow, former head of the National Organization of “Some” Women has come up with another right to choose.   She says that the father of an unborn baby has the right to refuse to support that child, if the mother chooses to give birth over his objection.  Now that’s a new twist. 

We have always held that the biologic father has a duty of helping to support the child he has fathered.  This radical feminist motive is rather obvious.  If the biologic father has the right to say he will not support his child, then that’s a motivation for the mother to kill the kid.  Let’s hope her opinion is roundly condemned for the outrageous thing that it is.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)

Susan B. Anthony 

        This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Susan B. Anthony is known as the first feminist in American history.  Considering that today’s radical feminists are also pro-abortion, it’s interesting to look at what she said.  She called abortion, “child murder”, and wrote: “No matter what the reason, if, love of ease, or desire to save the unborn innocent from suffering,  a woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. 

It will burden her conscience in life; it will burden her soul in death.  But, oh thrice guilty is he who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime.”  Susan B. Anthony considered abortion a form of oppression and a burden to women.  And there is an organization called the Susan B. Anthony List, which is active politically in electing pro-life women to the U.S. Congress.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Mandate Training 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Over the years the total number of hospitals that offer abortion training to their doctors in obstetric training has declined sharply.  Panicked by this, pro-abortion forces have wielded their political muscle and now we have some government officials who have mandated that some hospitals must offer surgical abortion training.  In response, pro-life people should loudly publicize that while a hospital may be forced to offer the training, student doctors are not required to take it.  The simple answer here is for them to refuse. 

We have, in fact, reports of some such hospitals where not a single doctor wanted to take the training, and so the official order that required the training to be made simply was moot.  Let’s hope enough young doctors refuse so that this latest pro-abortion effort fails.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Military Abortions 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Abortions are not permitted in U.S. military hospitals domestically or overseas.  That was the specific policy from President Reagan and the elder President Bush.  But then, President Clinton signed into law a provision that allowed them.  But, amazingly, there wasn’t a single doctor in a military hospital overseas who went ahead to do an abortion.  100% of the military doctors and nurses refused to do abortions. 

President George W. Bush also opposes abortion in military hospitals.  But while there have been several close votes in Congress, nevertheless, Congress has supported this prohibition.  Most members in Congress agree that military treatment centers, which are dedicated to healing, should not be forced to facilitate the killing of the most innocent human life—a child in the womb.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Reverse Roe & Doe?     

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Reverse Roe v. Wade, and Doe v. Bolton?  These are the Supreme Court decisions that gave us abortion on demand throughout the United States?  Most people, I believe, think that if a new Supreme Court reversed these decisions, abortion would be suddenly illegal throughout the United States, but this is incorrect. 

All this would do, would be to return us to what the lawyers call, “status quo ante”, which means where we were before the decisions.  Now, before these decisions, any and all laws on abortions were made by the State.  The Federal Government and Federal Judges, had no part to play, or any judgments to make.  So if Roe and Doe are reversed, what we’ll do is go back to what the law was and is in each state.  A reversal would allow abortion to still be legal in states occupied by over 50% of our population.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Two to Overturn 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Here is a first, friends.  Two parties brought a lawsuit to the U. S. Supreme Court resulting in two historic, landmark, society-changing decisions.  These were the 1973 decisions on abortion  These same two parties have now gone back into the court system and are specifically asking that what they once supported should now be completely overturned. 

Who are these people?  They are Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade and Jane Doe of Doe v. Bolton or, if you please, Norma McCorvey and Sandra Canoe.  The Texas Justice Foundation is carrying their case.  So far it is still in the very early stages of their legal effort but such a complete about face is completely unprecedented.  Without question these two gutsy women have legal standing and the case is moving ahead.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Punish the Woman? 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In Western nations, abortion has only been legal for about 30 years, give or take a few, depending on the country.  Before that, induced abortion was a crime, a crime that was punished.  But who was punished?  Well, the abortionist was.  If apprehended, the abortionist was convicted of manslaughter and usually sent to the penitentiary to serve time. 

But was the woman’s punished?  In the entire history of the United States, there is not a single case where the woman, however she agreed and was complicit in this action, there isn’t a single case where she was even indicted, much less convicted or sentenced.  The thinking always has been that she was the second victim.  Only the abortionist was punished.  This is Dr. Willke. 
Accessory to Crime   

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Do you know someone who works for an abortionist?  Perhaps someday you’ll run into such a person, and, if so, you may warn them that their job could land them in jail.  It’s very common for people who work for abortionists to witness illegal or unethical activity. 

This could include, Medicare fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering, physical assaults on patients, sexual assaults on patients, health and safety violations, consumer fraud, and more.  Do tell your friend that if they are an abortion clinic employee and conceal knowledge of a crime, that they themselves could be subject to arrest and prosecution.  If they want to learn more about the danger that they may be facing, and what their options are, contact me at Life Issues Institute.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Euthanasia A Threat? 

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Is legalized euthanasia a threat to America?  You tell me.  Recently, the Netherlands finally officially legalized it.  Belgium soon followed by okaying killing patients even if they aren’t terminally ill, but merely mentally depressed. 

In America, the states of California and Maine barely beat back referenda on euthanasia.  And it was recently narrowly defeated in the Hawaii legislature when three state senators reversed their previous votes in favor of euthanasia.  Tragically, Oregon has physician-assisted suicide and people are being killed and dying there prematurely.  Yes, euthanasia is at America’s doorstep, and the advocates of death are determined to not give up until they legalize it.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
5 Last Words  

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Almighty God has a special plan for those struggling between the onset of a terminal illness and its final outcome.  This can be a time to build cherished memories that will sustain family and friends after the loved one has died.  For those left behind, it can change us forever and helps to mold us into the people our Creator would have us become. 

A dreaded cancer or other terminal illness can teach compassion, patience and love like none other, and we are often better people for it.  If we accept the argument from those trying to sell a “dignified” death by euthanasia, many people would miss some of the most meaningful moments of life.  Remember the last words from Hospice.  I forgive you…forgive me…thank you…I love you… good bye.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Hendin / Holland 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In a summary of the Dutch euthanasia program by Dr. Herman Hendin, we read, “Studies sanctioned by the Dutch government reveal that guidelines for the regulation of abortion include ‘a voluntary, well considered, persistent request, intolerable suffering that cannot be relieved, consultation with a colleague and reporting of cases.’ 

But in practice, these are consistently violated.  And of greatest concern is the number of patients who are put to death without their consent.  Euthanasia, originally intended for the exceptional case, has become an accepted way of dealing with the physical and mental distress of serious or terminal illness.  Friends, I have an office in The Netherlands.  Dr. Hendin is absolutely correct.  And what happens there could someday come here.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Dutch Slippery Slope 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The slippery slope can certainly be applied to the Dutch euthanasia program.  Once legally permitted for only a very few tragic and hopeless terminal cases, it slowly widened and spread.  The Netherlands has moved from only considering assisted suicide, to giving legal sanction to physician assisted suicide and then to legalized euthanasia. 

It moved from euthanasia for physical illness to euthanasia for psychological distress.  Then from voluntary euthanasia, requested by the patient, to involuntary euthanasia without the patients knowledge or consent.  Finally it has moved from helping a patient die to direct euthanasia.  It is now legal in Holland for a physician to directly kill a patient by a lethal injection.    This is truly a slippery slope.  This is Dr. Willke.  (toc)
AMA Against Euthanasia   
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The ethical prohibition against physician assisted suicide, is a cornerstone of medical ethics, its roots are as ancient as the Hippocratic Oath, that a physician “Will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor…make a suggestion to this affect.”  Physician assisted suicide remains, “fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer.  It would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious risks to society.”

    Does this sound like a right to life statement?  Actually, I’m quoting from, from the American Medical Association, and about 50 other groups, before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1996.  We’re grateful for this support, but must note that while they oppose euthanasia, the AMA is supportive of abortion on demand.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Hospices are a wonderful development in the care of terminally ill patients.  They take the patient out of a busy, noisy and uncomfortable hospital and bring them to a place of peace.  Loved ones can visit and even bring their pets.  Pain is controlled.  Spiritual help is available, and the dying process is made as comfortable as possible. 

In the U.S. there are hundreds of hospices; in Britain there are about three hundred.  The Netherlands, which has legal euthanasia, does not need such palliative compassionate care facilities.  In recent years, due to government effort, they have increased their hospices from six to ten, and they’re all very small.  Their answer is to simply to kill the patient by euthanasia and be done with it.  That’s what will happen here, too, if we ever legalize assisted suicide.(toc)
Depression & Suicide 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Suicide?  95% of people who commit suicide are suffering from clinical depression, which is a biochemical illness.  It responds to treatment with oral medication.  So what then of requests for euthanasia?  In the Netherlands, where direct euthanasia by doctors is entirely legal, only 3% of Dutch patients requesting euthanasia are referred for psychiatric consultation.

In Oregon, where assisted-suicide is legal, psychological referral is elective at the attending doctor’s discretion and actually happens in only a small percent of cases.  It sounds to me like there’s something very wrong here.  This puts a decision, whether or not to kill a patient, entirely up to the judgment of a doctor who often is not qualified to diagnose or to treat clinical depression.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Terminal Costs 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Will the final years of your life cost you, your family, and Medicare heavy expenditures?  That certainly is what most people think.  But take note—a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has reported that after age 85, Medicare expenditures decrease. 

To the researcher’s surprise, they found that this was true in hospice care.  Well, maybe with hospice care that’s not too big a surprise, but it also decreased within conventional hospital and home care.  The findings were that older patients, at the end of their natural lifespan, are treated less aggressively, and this translated into the reality that it also was less expensive to care for them than it is to care for younger patients.  This is Dr. Willke.  (toc)

Most Important   

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
I say this as a husband celebrating over 54 years of happy marriage with my dear Barbara, at the same time, reveling in our six children and 20 grandchildren.  Herewith is a quote from 100 years ago from then-President Teddy Roosevelt, and I think he hits it right on the nose.  Quote:  “There are many kinds of successes in life worth having. 

It is certainly interesting and attractive to be a successful businessman, or a railroad man, or farmer, or successful lawyer, doctor, writer, president, or a ranchman, or a colonel fighting regiment, or killing grizzly bears and lions.  But for unflagging interest and enjoyment, a household of children, if things go reasonably well, certainly makes all the other forms of success and achievement lose their importance by comparison.”  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)

Talk Radio 

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Pro-life conservative personalities have long dominated talk radio.  To mention but three, Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh, and Shawn Hannity, plus, of course, dozens of smaller counterparts.  Why?  They simply attract the greatest number of listeners. 

Now liberals are chagrinned by this and have attempted, on a number of occasions, to launch radio shows with liberal talk show hosts.  Needless to say, listeners seem unwilling to listen to them.  So where will this go?  Well, until liberals come up with a host who can attract a radio audience, perhaps the pro-abortion forces should just be content with the fact that they have almost total control of the major newspapers, of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, of entertainment TV and the movies.  This is Dr. Willke.

Marriage Good for Kids 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Marriage is good for the kids.  Children raised in a two-parent family are much more likely to be better off financially.  You see, only 12% of families headed by married couples are in the bottom 1/5 of income in the U.S.  This compares to 31% of those headed by a single father and 50% when headed by a single mother.  

Children of married parents are, on average, more successful in life.  They’re less likely to drop out of high school that’s 13% compared to 30%.  They’re more likely to earn a college degree and less likely to be unemployed in their early twenties.  Children of married couples are less likely to be jailed, if they are boys.  They begin sexual activity at an older age, and they’re less likely to become parents prior to marriage.  They use less alcohol and drugs. Yes, marriage is good for kids. 
Married Live Longer – Women   
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Married women live longer than those who are unmarried. Unmarried women have a mortality rate 50% higher than married women.  Why?  Why this impact of marriage on a woman’s health and life expectancy?  Well, it’s probably due to an increase in emotional support and greater stability and level of economic status. 

Emotional support is important as a means of increasing and maintaining general health.  Economic stability definitely increases the likelihood that a woman will have health insurance and/or will be able to afford proper health care and for her babies.  That is to say, with a caring husband, she’ll be better cared for and certainly is more likely to be motivated to deliver when she gets pregnant, and less likely to abort.    Yep, I’m in favor of marriage.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Married Live Longer – Men 
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Married men live longer.  This has been thoroughly demonstrated by the recent work, research, and writings of Maggie Gallagher and others.  They demonstrate that marriage has a profound impact on health other than sexual health.  The risk of death at any given age is substantially lower in married men then among those who are not married. 

She says, “Compared to married people, the non-married have higher rates of mortality than married.  In fact, mortality is 250% higher among men.”  Looking at it from another direction, we’re told that being unmarried decreases a man’s expected life span by about 10 years.  Reasons?  Married men have fewer unhealthy behaviors, such has smoking, drinking and fighting, and that is because wives, and the presence of children, motivate husbands and fathers to behave in a more healthy fashion.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)

Teens & Divorce   

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
You’re divorced and now you are remarried—and so, how about the kids?  Well, the young little ones adjust better, but teenagers often have more problems, and those sometimes serious and disruptive ones.  Expressing this from a purely business standpoint, here’s one viewpoint: 

“From the adolescent’s perspective, it’s like discovering that another layer of management (the step-parent) is being thrust between you and the boss (your parent), the boss you reported to for 12, 14 or 16 years.  Or worse, it’s like the business (your home) has been bought out from under you, and so, from the teenager’s perspective, this second marriage can feel like a hostile takeover.” 
Needless to say, such feelings don’t encourage them to enter marriage and, sadly, do motivate them to get abortions.  This is Dr. Willke.(toc)
Divorce Hurts Men   

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
It is a well-known fact that divorce impoverishes women.  Women who separate from their husbands, with few exceptions, suffer a sharp drop in income.  This is reflected in changes in their lifestyle, their housing, education of their children, and other aspects of their lives.  On the contrary, it has been generally thought that men prosper after divorce. 

But recent studies show that most men who separate do not experience gains in their living standards, rather they lose economic status in the aftermath of separation and divorce.  And so, the conclusion here seems to be that, in most cases, divorce impoverishes both the man and the woman and enriches only the divorce lawyers.  Bad marriages mean fewer children and more abortions.    This is Dr. Willke.(toc)

Newborns Feel Pain

 This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Research in London has reported that newborn babies’ nervous systems have characteristics different from those of older humans.  They are unique in that their nervous system allows them to feel pain sooner, more sensitively, and for a longer period of time than adults. Their pain is more generalized throughout the body; while ours is more localized in one location. 

Obviously, if this is the situation in a baby right after birth, it will also be true for a baby before birth, and probably to some lesser degree in the months preceding it.  Now, if this is confirmed by other studies, then we can say with proven assurance that abortion not only kills a baby but causes that infant great pain in the process.  This is Dr. John Willke. (toc)

Fewer Abortions

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The total number of abortions done in the United States is dropping.  The most accurate numbers come from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a branch of Planned Parenthood.  From a high of 1.6 million abortions a few years ago, they now report less than 1.4 million annually, and this is the lowest rate in the last 20 years. 

The federal government’s Center for Disease Control the (CDC), reports just over 1.2 million.  The difference is explainable.  The CDC is the passive recipient of reports sent to it from the states.  But all states don’t report at all but some report rather inaccurately.  The Guttmacher Institute aggressively goes to all abortion mills and gets their results directly.  Even so, figures from both sources show the same percentage drop.  (toc)

School Sex Clinics
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In-school health clinics, which we commonly rename, in-school sex clinics, continue to increase in numbers.  In the last five years, they have doubled from 600 to 1200 schools having such clinics.  Many or most were initially funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which has as its ultimate goal, the distribution through them, of contraceptives to students without their parent’s knowledge or consent.  These clinics start with the promise to treat only non-reproductive health problems. 

But once established, however, many move to family planning and abortion referrals.  Interestingly, in Texas recently, the state health commissioners cut out all state aid to school-based clinics, giving the reason that they often duplicate existing services but that they also force family planning counseling on unwilling communities.  This is Dr. John Willke. (toc)

Fathers Are Important

        This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Increasingly in recent years, research has shown that a father figure is absolutely crucial to the proper formation of children.  This applies for both boys and girls.  What this country needs is a much higher percentage of fathers married to and living with the mothers of their sons and daughters.  Further, these fathers should be good role models for their children. 

But sadly, a recent investigation showed that there were only 15% of recurring fathers in prime time TV, and 11 of these were poor models.  The worst network was NBC, with 12 reoccurring homosexual characters and overall 25 homosexual, bisexual, or trans-gendered characters.  There was only one father on NBC’s prime time and 8 network shows.  How about just turning these shows off?  This is Dr. John Willke.(toc)

Call us “Pro-life”

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In general, the media will call a group the name they wish to be called.  Anti-vivisectionist?  No—those are animal rights people.  Sodomites, homosexuals?  No, they prefer to be called “gay”. 

Fornicators and adulterers?  No, they want to be called sexually active.  Pro-abortion people?  No—the media will call them abortion rights activists or pro-choice people.  So then, what about pro-lifers?  Oh, that’s the name we prefer.  But no, we’re called anti-abortion or, worse, yet, anti-choice. 

But our agenda is broader than only being opposed to abortion.  We also oppose infanticide and euthanasia.  Further, we are not “anti” – we’re “pro” – pro for the life of the baby, pro for the welfare of the mother.  But, contrary to the media’s practice of honoring others’ preferred names, the media still call us “anti-abortion”.  Quite a double standard, isn’t it? (toc)

Marriage Helps Kids

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel. Marriage is better for unborn babies.  Family Planning Perspectives, the house organ of Planned Parenthood, in a survey of 10,000 abortion patients, reports that women who live with a partner outside of marriage are almost four times more likely to have an abortion than women in the general population.

Another finding is that women who have no religious affiliation are also almost four times more likely to abort than those who are believers.

And we should also keep reminding ourselves and young people that unmarried mothers abort more often than married mothers, and that their born children have more problems than children from the married. Yes, marriage is better for all babies, born and unborn. This is Dr. John Willke. (toc)
Hitler and Abortion

This is Dr. John Willke with today’s Life Jewel. There are those people, down through the years, who have claimed that Hitler was not in favor of abortion, that he actually forbade  it  Well,   there is a kernel of truth to this.
He was opposed to abortion for members of his pure blood Aryan race, the reason?  He wanted more babies from these men and women and so he forbade them to abort.

But he was all in favor of abortions and permitted abortions for Jews, for Gypsies, for Polish women and for those of other nationalities.  Hitler's opinion and practice on abortion were shaped by his own “master race” thinking and had nothing at all to do with whether or not abortion was the killing of an innocent human life. Thought you'd like to know. This is Dr. John Willke. 

Below Birth Rate

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.  You all know that almost every developed nation has a birth rate under replacement levels, but did you know that the birth dearth has spread well beyond the developed world.

Twenty-seven developing nations now have fewer than 2.2 children per woman, which means they are not reproducing their own numbers.

In 1985, the world's total rate was 4.2. Now it's 2.9 and dropping. Seventy-nine countries, containing 40% of the world's population, now have birth rates below replacement level.

Assuming this trend continues, it is estimated that in twenty years two-thirds of all people on earth will live in countries that are dying because of an inadequate birth rate. This is Dr. John Willke. (toc)
Death with Dignity

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.   Pro-euthanasia people make a continuing argument for “death with dignity”. Rather, I think most of us would want to live with dignity until death. Truly, we should not equate personal dignity with control of bowel function or the need to be able to independently care for all of our own bodily needs at all times. True human dignity is internal, not external.

True human dignity is the person himself. Illness does not destroy one's inherent dignity. If a patient is treated with dignity by family and friends, he or she retains all of the respect and dignity that their personhood is due. Having to dependend upon others at the end of life should be accepted as a gracious giving back to the patient what he or she gave to others. This is Dr. John Willke. (toc)
Dutch Slippery Slope

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.   Euthanasia is legal in Holland, and we are told that it is rare, tightly controlled, with many restrictions, and done only in the most serious and advanced cases. But is simply this is not so. The actual facts are far removed from this. Physician-assisted suicide in Holland has progressed to direct physician killing of patients.

Euthanasia for the terminally ill has progressed to euthanasia for the chronically ill. Euthanasia for physical problems has progressed to euthanasia for psychiatric problems. Voluntary euthanasia has progressed to involuntary euthanasia. Euthanasia in Holland is a classic example of the “slippery slope”.  I predict that any state that legalizes physician-assisted suicide will move progressively down that same slippery slope. This is Dr. John Willke. (toc)


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