2001  Life Jewels Volume 6
1 minute pro-life audio messages for the right choice
Created  2001
Life Jewels are produced by  Life Issues Institute, Inc.
 hosted by Dr. John C. Willke.

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Table of Contents Volume 6 Life Jewels 2001
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 1] Keep or Adopt?
 32] Exterminate Negro?
 2] Amniocentesis Risk
 33] New York City and Black Abortions
 3] Let Preemies Die?
 34] Hispanic Growth
 4] Folic Acid Helps
 35] Divorce Harmful
 5] Prenatal Cocaine
 36] Divorce—Harm Lives On
 6] Reimplant Embryos
 37] Divorce and Kids Studies
 7] If Genes Are Abnormal
 38] Marriage Is Better
 8] Therapeutic Cloning
 39] No Population Explosion
 9] Clones Abnormal
 40] Europe Is Dying
10] How Many Abort?
 41] Fertility Worldwide
11] Emanations and Penumbra
 42] Poverty and Fertility
12] States Permit Abortions
 43] Choose Life
13] Casey Decision
 44] Joy Having Newborn
14] Legislate Morality
 45] Have Another Baby
15] Unborn Holocaust
 46] Learn from Siblings
16] Peaceful Pro-Lifers
 47] Baby-Gift From/To God
17] March for Life in DC
 48] Euthanasia Not Catching?
18] Love Your Candidate
 49] Economics of Euthanasia
19] Only Real Pro-Lifer
 50] The U.N. and Marriage
20] Third Party Candidates
 51] One World Government
21] Drown Unwanted Baby
 52] U.N. Radical Feminist
22] Handicap vs. Adversity
 53] U.N. Treaties Bad
23] Breast Cancer Risks
 54] U.N. and Parenthood
24] Breast Cancer Studies
 55] I Need My Mommy
25] Mothers Working
 56] You Killed Him
26] Fathers Absent
 57] Scorned?-Press On!
27] The Lord's Prayer
 58] Did You Try?
28] White/Black Abortions
 59] Mother Theresa
29] African American Abortions
 60] Get Credit
30] Black Genocide
 61] Democracy Will Die?
31] Minorities Pro-Life
 62] 30 Promo


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Volume 6 Life Jewels 2001

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
A study of the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics by Dr. Christine Bachrach compared single women who chose adoption and single women who kept their babies.  Of those who placed their babies for adoption, only 18% later lived below the poverty line, and this was compared to 40% in poverty for those who kept their babies. 

Seven percent received Aid for Dependent Children, but if they kept their baby, it was 36%.  Seventy-seven percent finished high school, but if they kept their baby it was only 60%.  Of those who placed for adoption, 70% married later, and that was compared to 50% of those who kept their baby.  Now obviously, individual cases obviously prove the opposite, and these are averages but they are sobering.  This is Dr. Willke.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Amniocentesis is testing the fluid around the baby in the womb.  Did you know that the test itself kills some unborn babies?  The great majority of amniocentesis tests are done merely to make a diagnosis, and, yet, look at this mortality rate.  Would you risk your baby’s

life just to find out whether your child is perfect?  It’s wrong to kill a child in or out of the womb simply because they don’t measure up to someone else’s elitist expectation of physical or mental perfection.  And if you agree with that, and if abortion is not an option for you, amniocentesis almost certainly should not be done.  This is Dr. Willke.

    This is Dr. Willke with a Life Jewel:
As you know, euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands.  It is legal there for a pediatrician to kill a newborn child if he feels that the child will not be able to lead a normal life.  Now comes news of a ghoulish but, perhaps, logical next step.  A leading center for treatment of pre-mature babies there has announced that it will no longer provide active intensive care for babies born if they’re younger than 25 weeks.  That’s about 6 to 7 months.  The head of that neonatal department admitted that one out of three babies born at age 23 and 24 weeks would survive.  But since some of them would suffer physical or mental handicaps because of their pre-maturity, they will no longer try to keep them alive.


This is John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Spina bifida and anencephalus are tragic problems.  This is when the spinal cord has not closed over completely or when there is absence of the upper part of the brain.  In recent years it has been shown that some of these are due to a lack of folic acid in the diet of the woman early in her pregnancy.  In 1998 our government required that folic acid be added to flour and other grains.  And, friends, it seems to be working.  The number of defects previously was almost 40 for every 100,000 births.  After only two years of the addition of the supplement, the number has dropped to 30 for 100,000 live births.   The time that your baby needs this extra is in those very few weeks when you may not even know you’re pregnant.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
A few years ago, we were told that pre-natal cocaine exposure would permanently damage the body and the minds of unborn children.  We were told that they would be a burden on society all of their lives.  In fact, new research has shown that such developmental toxic effects, while a legitimate worry, nevertheless, have not materialized.  Enough time has passed and the researchers now cannot detect what they call a negative association between cocaine exposure in the womb and developmental scores from infancy to age 6.  When paired with alcohol, a definite question exists, but cocaine alone has not been found to be associated with levels of behavioral disturbance.  This is welcome news, folks.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Did you know that there are probably more than 100,000 human embryos currently frozen in liquid nitrogen in laboratories around the world?  And now we’re told that orders have gone out to kill those who are more than five years old.  We’ve also heard that since most of these will never be given a chance to develop into adults, that they should be killed by having their stem cells removed and used for research.  But killing an innocent life is always wrong.  Are there better answers?  Certainly the best answer is to insert these tiny embryos into the womb of the biologic mother and hope they will implant and develop.  An alternate solution would be to transfer these embryos to the womb of an adoptive mother.  This is becoming more common.  But kill them?  No, that would be wrong.


     This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Sadly, it has become common practice to conceive human embryos by in vitro fertilization and then to test them immediately for abnormal genes.  If an abnormal gene is found, these tiny, new humans are directly killed.  That’s one problem.  Another is real concern of misusing this new science to generate designer babies with preferred genetic traits.  This practice is flat out eugenics, and it’s gravely immoral.  It’s one thing to use new genetic information to correct something that has gone wrong.  It’s another to try to create something considered perfect, and, along the line, engage in an enormous increase in killing those you judge not to be perfect.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Cloning – we now hear of reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning.  Don’t be fooled.  The anti-life people have merely started to play with words again.  They’re opposed to reproductive cloning.  They favor therapeutic cloning.  Therapeutic cloning means that this human life is created, but then after developing for a week or maybe two, this tiny, new human is killed through destructive research of one kind or another.  The simple fact of the matter is that in both of these cases a new human life was begun.  In one, it was given the chance to develop.  In the other, he or she was killed.  So understand, therapeutic cloning kills.
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Dr. Loraine Young of the Roslin Institute has revealed that 80% of cloned animals have abnormally high birth weights and that twice the average birth weight for the breed is not uncommon.  There have been some cloned lambs born three and four times heavier than would have been the natural case.  Further, Dr. Young in speaking of therapeutic cloning for human embryos, says that some of the genes that may cause these defects in cattle and sheep are also involved in causing tumor growth in humans.  This raises the possibility that if and when you were to transplant this tissue into patients, you could introduce cancer.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
We’ve all heard of many reports of the number of abortions and pregnancies in the United States.  One reason for the differing numbers is that final government statistics are released three or four years after the end of that particular period.  Accordingly, we have the final report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control for1997.  It reports that there were 6,192,000 pregnancies in the U.S.  This was 600,000 fewer than seven years earlier.  Sixty-three percent or almost 2/3 ended in a live birth.  Twenty-one percent were aborted.  Sixteen percent ended in miscarriage or stillbirth.  So, 21% aborted, 63% born.  This is one aborted and three born that means that every fourth child dies in abortion. 

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The Supreme Court decisions of 1973 that legalized abortion on demand until birth in all 50 states were based, according to Justice Blackman, on the right to privacy.  Have you ever wondered where the right to privacy came from, since it’s not printed in the Constitution?  It came from a decision by the same Court in 1965, Griswold v. Connecticut.  They found a right to privacy in emanations coming from the penumbras of the fifth and fourteenth amendments.  Now emanations are vapors.  Penumbra is an astronomical term.  It means a shadow.  And so, the right to privacy was found in vapors coming from a shadow.  If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be almost comical.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
If the Supreme Court decisions that legalized abortion, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, were reversed by the same court, it would not stop all abortions.  It would simply return the decision back to each state individually.  But, more than half of all the abortions performed in the U.S. each year are performed in a small number of states whose own highest courts have held that abortion is allowed in that state under that State’s constitution.  And so, notwithstanding a decision by the Supreme Court reversing its earlier decisions, these states would still have legal abortions.  And then the job would be to work in each individual state to reverse its high court decision.

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    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
When the U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed Roe v. Wade in the Casey Decision, it included this very scary phrase: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”  The Court had finally decided that there was just no way they could find a right to abortion in the language of the U.S. Constitution.  The Court said that if we provided less than full access to abortion, it would violate a different, but a fundamental Constitutional right, the right as they said to “personal dignity and autonomy,” which they said was probably in the due process clause.  Now if this is confusing to you, join the crowd.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
We often hear talk about the fact that one should not legislate morality.  Let’s give that a moment’s thought.  A law against murder certainly is a law involving morality.  Remember the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”?  A law against stealing legislates morality.  Let’s think about libel, about destroying a person’s reputation.  That clearly speaks to morality.  Even laws against speeding legislate morality.  After all, if you go too fast down Main Street, you’re liable to kill somebody.  And so it is with a law to protect the lives of the unborn.  Would that legislate morality?  Yes, it would.  Does that mean we shouldn’t do it?  Not at all.  Rather, it probably means we should do it.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In talking about the slaughter of innocent unborn here in America, we in the pro-life movement commonly use the word holocaust.  But many Jewish people have reacted strongly to this. 
    On a recent speaking tour in Poland, I again visited Auschwitz, which is a city in Poland.  Recall also that not only Jews, but hundreds of thousands of Polish people were also killed there.  And while there, we talked about the abortions that used to occur in Poland.  My Polish pro-life friends referred to those abortions as an unborn holocaust.  So, if folks, where it actually happened, use the word holocaust for the Nazi extermination of Jews, but also use the word to describe their own past abortions, then I don’t think we should have any qualms about using it here.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
An abortionist recently said, “It’s too dangerous for me to be in front of a window.”  I say, “Spare us.”  An abortionist is much safer in front of his window than over a million babies a year are in their mother’s wombs.  In the three decades since the U.S. Supreme Court invented the right to abortion, there have been three abortionists killed, but over 40 million babies murdered.  Now, there have been pro-life demonstrators in front of abortion killing centers for all these years.  These peaceful witnesses have spent hundreds of millions of man and woman hours protesting this highly emotional gut issue.  And during all of this time, only three of these killers have been killed.  Pro-lifers are peaceful, prayerful people.


     This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
On January 22nd every year, a major March for Life is held in Washington, D.C.  Originating near the White House, the marchers go up Pennsylvania Ave. to terminate at the Supreme Court building.  They then go into the House and Senate office buildings to visit their elected officials.

How many people march?  The District of Columbia police no longer give estimates, but a recent march was a big one.  Pro-lifers marched toe to heel and shoulder to shoulder along the eight-lane avenue.  The mile and a quarter March for Life lasted three hours.  The estimate of numbers was 225,000 people.  Two hundred and twenty-five thousand people, on a cold winter day, traveled to Washington, D.C. to witness for the lives of the unborn.


  This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:

Paradoxically, one way to defeat a pro-life candidate is to fall in love with him or her.  Let me explain.
    We encourage pro-lifers to get involved in campaigns.  Their active participation and volunteer activities can help a pro-life candidate build a strong campaign.  It also puts the pro-lifer in contact with the candidates so that if he or she wins, the candidate can put a face to the pro-life community and a relationship can be built and strengthened.
    However, too often pro-lifers get so wrapped up in their candidate if he or she loses to another pro-life candidate, the pro-life grass-roots person takes his marbles and goes home.  He doesn’t work to get others to vote for the surviving pro-life candidate, and this person may well be defeated in the next election.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
One way to defeat a pro-life candidate is to believe that your candidate is the only real pro-lifer and then to bash other pro-life candidates
    In a primary where there are several pro-life candidates, pro-lifers will select the candidate they think is best.  But, sadly, then sometimes they’ll attack other pro-life candidates as not being “pro-life enough”, like picking out the one vote that he didn’t vote right on and attack him as not being really pro-life.
    This demoralizes other pro-lifers, and the pro-life candidate who does win the primary is weakened.  Worse, yet, in the general election the pro-abortion candidate will quote these attacks by one pro-lifer against another pro-life candidate, to hold down support for the pro-life candidate.  So, don’t attack a pro-life candidate.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
One way to defeat a pro-life candidate is to vote for a third-party candidate who has no chance of winning.
    When a general election is between a pro-life candidate and a pro-abortion candidate, both from established parties, there will be times when a third-party candidate will get into the race, claiming to be the “real” pro-lifer.  He will attack the pro-life candidate and get other pro-lifers to jump on board to support him.  This is a sure strategy to elect the pro-abortion candidate.  Pro-lifers who support a third-party candidate, to the detriment of the pro-lifer who is running, who could win, may feel like they have not compromised their principles.  But then they have compromised away something far more important…children’s lives.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Partial birth abortion is killing the baby during delivery.  The abortionist delivers the entire baby feet first, except the head.  Then he sticks a scissors into the base of the skull, inserts a tube, and sucks out the brains.  We have heard stories of babies who popped out of the birth canal before the abortionist can do this.  What happens then, when he has a live newborn infant in his hands?  We understand that a common practice is to put the baby in a bucket of water and drown the little one. 
    I was reminded vividly of this on a recent trip to Auschwitz.  There were women in that concentration camp who delivered babies.  When those babies were discovered, common practice was to put them under water in a bucket and drown them.  I guess history repeats.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Today, let’s compare children who were born with physical handicaps to children who grew up influenced socially and behaviorally by family adversity, like having a single parent, financial hardship, being a child of divorce.
In a major study in Germany, it was determined that relatively few negative impacts were seen as a result of biologic handicaps and problems, if the child was in an intact, loving family that gave the child the social and emotional support that he or she needed.  In contrast, family adversity has, and I quote: “strong negative impact on a child’s behavioral development, clearly outweighing the influence of obstetric complication in determining behavioral adjustment at school age.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
It’s interesting to look at risk factors for breast cancer.  Here’s a report out of Australia.  If you have benign—that is, not cancerous—breast disease, that increases your chance of getting breast cancer by 50%.  Obesity increases it by 20%.  If you wait until your late 20’s or 30’s to have your first baby, that increases your chance by about 50%.  And if, in your lifetime, you never become pregnant, your chances are 60%.  If both of your ovaries are removed, you cut your chances by 50%.  A miscarriage adds only 5%, but having had an induced abortion increases your chance by 150%, three times as much as any of the other risk factors.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
A woman in her teens or early 20’s has a higher breast cancer risk if she has an abortion than if she carries the pregnancy to term.  Yes, you’ve heard this, but what of other studies?  As of the time of this recording, 27 out of the 34 studies in the worldwide literature that have been judged to be legitimate, professional studies, indicate an increased risk of breast cancer associated with induced abortion.  And of these 27, 17 are statistically significant.  Now, that’s a technical term which means that the data provides at least a 95% certainty that the association that it measures was not due to chance.  In a word, the association between abortion and breast cancer is pretty well proven. 


    This is Dr. Willke with a Life Jewel:
All other things considered, everyone agrees that it’s better to have a mother at home being the full time caretaker of her children.  And yet we all know that the last few decades have seen a massive migration of women from being full time at home into being partial or full time wage earners.  In 1960, among mothers of school age children, 40% worked outside of the home.  Today, it’s almost 80% of mothers of school age children who work outside the home.  The results are even more dramatic for women with pre-school children.  Forty years ago, 18% of mothers of preschoolers worked outside of the home.  Today, 65% of mothers of pre-school children work full or part time outside the home.  This may have fulfilled many women, but it’s not good news for the kids.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Slowly over the years we have seen an increasing absence of fathers in our families.  This is true of intact families, with workaholic fathers.  It is tragically true, particularly, in the black community, where the presence of a father is now a small minority.  Over the past few years, a remarkable consensus has been forming around the conviction that for the sake of its children, America must reverse this trend toward the absence of fathers.  Not only has there been an increase in awareness about the cost of fatherlessness, but there has been an explosion in programs, policies, and research.  This movement toward reestablishing fathers in the home is at a crucial junction and must be moved forward and strengthened.


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
We all pray the Lord’s Prayer.  Interestingly enough, we don’t pray our brother, our sister, our mother, or aunt.  I think this reinforces for us, in God’s eyes, the importance of a father.  What does a father do?  He gives his name to his children.  He is usually the provider, the main bread winner.  He witnesses to them, lives out in front of them, what a good man and a father should be.  He protects them from harm, from outside influences, and this is more than merely giving them physical security.  But security is important, the security of accountability, responsibility, of setting boundaries.  And the absence of a father?  Not good!  Seventy percent of long-term prison inmates did not have a father when they grew up.

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In the late 90’s the U.S. birthrate fell to 14 ½ births per 1000 population, and this is the lowest it has been since 1975.  There is a key difference from 1975, though.  Back then 14% of births were to unmarried women.  In the late 90’s, the proportion of births to unmarried women had gone up to 33%.  Two out of three births to African Americans are to unmarried women.  This is a dramatic change from 50 or 75 years back, when black families were largely intact and illegitimate births were far fewer.  There are three times as many black babies killed per unit of population as there are white babies.  This is straight out black genocide and will likely continue as long as our government and Planned Parenthood continue to locate their abortion centers in black neighborhoods.

     This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
What is the leading cause of death in the African American community in America today?  Is it AIDS, heart disease, cancer, accidents?  Well, actually, none of these.  The correct answer is abortion.  Here are the numbers.  Since 1973, 200,000 have died from AIDS.  Accidents have claimed 300,000 more. Cancer accounts for one million.  There have been two million deaths from heart disease.  Now, here is the big one – 13 million black babies have been killed by abortion.
    Sadly, for every one white baby killed, there are three black babies killed as a proportion of their percent in the population.

    The fact is that more African American babies have been killed by abortion in the last three decades than the total number of black deaths from all other causes combined.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Abortion services have been deliberately and systematically targeted toward African-American women.  A disproportionate number of the nation’s abortion mills are located in minority neighborhoods.  While black women represent 12% of the female population of this country, they have had 35% of all the abortions.  According to the year 2000 census, Hispanics have replaced black people as the largest minority group in the U.S.  The loss of all of these babies, 13,000,000 black babies in the last three decades, through abortion, has played a significant part in this population decline.  Truly, we can call today’s abortion “black genocide” for it is nothing less.  Strangely, in the face of this, almost all black political leaders continue to be strongly pro-abortion.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
There’s a tendency in political parties to reach out to minority groups by embracing very liberal policies.  A poll by the respected Zogby polling group in May, 2001, however, produced data that questions this wisdom. Hispanics are 65% pro-life, Black Americans 54%, and Arab Americans (among two-thirds of whom are Christian) are 52% pro-life.  Try educational vouchers, 83% of Hispanics favor school vouchers, 70% of Black Americans, and 74% of Asian Americans favor school vouchers.
    Well. I think it is obvious that these values do not translate into voting patterns, as these groups consistently elect candidates who are pro-abortion and anti-voucher.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a racist and a eugenist.  In relating to the African-American population in the U.S., she said and I quote, that she: “did not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”  Therefore the eugenic effort to cleanse the U.S. of black people had to be carried out as she said, “through a religious appeal.”  She suggested that her birth control movement should “hire three or four colored ministers” as traveling preachers to sell the ideas of her birth control efforts.

    Have you noticed that most Planned Parenthood abortion chambers are located in inner city areas, typically in neighborhoods with a high concentration of African-American people?  This has not been an accident.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Abortion has been called black genocide.  How true is this?  One measure might be to look at what has happened in New York City.  In the year 1997, among African Americans in New York City, there were 40,000 births.  In the same year, there were 49,000 abortions.  Brooklyn is part of New York City.  There, among African-Americans, there were 23,000 children born compared to 31,000 black kids killed by abortion.
How did this compare to white people?  In Brooklyn, there were 37,000 white babies born compared to only 18,000 killed by abortion.
    Among Hispanics, there were 19,000 born and 12,000 killed.
    And so, more black kids killed than were born?  Sounds like black genocide to me.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Do you know which so-called minority group has the largest number of people in the United States?  Well, we have always thought that African-Americans were the largest minority group.  But the census in the year 2000 has told us something else.  It reports 35 million Hispanics and 34 million Blacks in the United States of America.  In ten years the number of Spanish language newspapers in the U.S. has grown from 14 to 34.  Spanish language weeklies have grown from 152 to 265, Hispanic magazines from 177 to 352.  If you hear more Spanish over the airwaves, that’s because there are now almost 600 U.S. radio stations broadcasting at least part of the time in Spanish.  Your kids want to study a second language?  My advice would be Spanish.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Judith Wallerstein’s book, The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce, is based on interviews with almost one hundred children of divorce whom she has been tracking for 30 years.  Interesting results.  She’s found that children of divorce are more depressed and more likely to develop mental and emotional disorders later.  She says that many who do achieve success in work and marriage remain filled with a sense of dread that it all may collapse like the home they came from.  She states that they “have trouble resolving arguments because they’ve never seen a man and a woman resolve an argument.”  Their first thought is this: “This is it.  I see it coming down the pike.  I’m out of here.”

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
To be pro-life certainly doesn’t exclude those children already born. The unexpected legacy of divorce, a 25-year landmark study by Judith Wallerstein has exposed two myths about divorce.
One is that if the parents find themselves happier because of the divorce, so will their children.  At first glance it would seem that the added security of a two-parent home would be a real plus.  However, Dr. Wallerstein’s in-depth exam has shown that remarriage usually does not make the kids happier.  Rather, the harm of divorce is not short lived, but continues to fester through the children’s later years, and that major negative effects of divorce actually show up when the children begin to enter into adult relationships.  If you think it would be better if you split, please look at the studies first. 


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
It’s a well-known fact, well documented now, that divorce is injurious to the children in a marriage.  The great majority of children of divorce score more negatively on social stability than children from intact families, but how about their academic achievement?  It is definitely lower for children of divorce.

Sadly, a major study has shown that both parental divorce and parental remarriage bring down children’s standardized test results.  Since it is generally accepted that good academic achievement is an indication of a child’s overall emotional security and mental outlook, we, then, can wonder does remarriage adversely affect a child’s psychological well-being and happiness?

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Are stable marriages an asset to our community and our state?  Yes.  The state has enormous economic interest in promoting stable marriages.  We know that divorce and single parenthood too often lead to poverty for the woman and instability to the man.  Within marriage we see more educational achievement, a stronger attachment to the labor force, a greater stability of the marriage, and of the two people involved.  Married people are less likely to be in poverty, their children are more likely to be stable, with less crime and less violence.  The total consequences of the losses in the absence of marriage are vast.  And so beyond any and all other benefits to the children and the adults involved, promoting marriage makes good economic sense. 

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The population explosion of the twentieth century is coming to a close.  Emerging demographic trends point clearly to a deceleration of global population growth, and in the near future.  This, along with rapid and extreme aging of the world’s population, will result in a population implosion (decrease) within the next 50 years, and this will have a profound impact on employment rates, global safety nets, migration, language, and education policies.
    As it now stands, Russia and Western Europe will continue to lose population.  These will be replaced by immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.  The U.S. and Canada will grow slowly, largely because of immigration.  Third World countries will grow but at a steadily decreasing rate.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Europe is dying.  Its share of the world’s population in 1960 was 20%.  As of the year 2000, Europe was only 13% of the world’s population, and by the year 2050, it will drop to 7%.  Currently, there are almost four workers for every person of pension age in Europe, but in another 50 years there will only be 1½ workers for each retired person.
All of this is because of the substantial and continuing lack of enough babies being born in Europe.  Shy of complete economic collapse, the only other answer is immigration.
Who will go there?   Immigrants from Africa and from the Muslim near east countries. How will all of this affect the United States and Canada?  We’ll wait and see.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Most people are aware of the declining fertility rates in the countries in Europe, but fertility rates have also been dropping worldwide.  For the world as a whole, in the last 40 years fertility levels have dropped by more than 40%.  A total of 83 countries and territories, whose inhabitants represent 44% of the world’s total population, now have birthrates below replacement level.  In eight of the most populated developing countries, fertility rates have dropped by half.  The largest concentration of countries with declining fertility rates are in east Asia.  They include China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.  All of these, at this point, at this point, have birthrates below replacement level.  And all of this has happened in the last 20 years.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
There is an assumption that poverty and illiteracy mean more pregnancies, but both poverty and female illiteracy are common in Bangladesh, and that country has cut its fertility rate in half in the last two decades.  Another is that traditional religious attitudes are a barrier that keeps a birthrate high.  But Iran, which is a very tight Islamic ruled country, has cut its fertility level by two-thirds.  So, dramatic changes in birthrate and desired family size do not necessarily relate to a nation becoming modernized.  As a final example, try Indonesia, which is certainly still a Third World country; it is now at zero population growth.
This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Are you thinking of having another little one?  By having another child, you will demonstrate to your neighbors and to the world that children are God’s greatest gifts.  Children build up the life of the family and of society.  The child is a gift to its brothers and sisters, parents, and entire family.  The child’s entire life becomes a gift for the very people who were givers of life, and who cannot help but feel his or her presence.  The more children there are in society, the more pro-life that society will become, and the easier it will be for the great evil of abortion to be eradicated once and for all.  “Choose life then that you and your descendents may live.”  Deuteronomy 30:19.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
There is no joy like the joy of welcoming another child into your life.  You will marvel anew at how perfectly formed your little one is and how quickly you fall head over heals in love with him.  The color of her hair, the shape of her nose, the winsomeness of her smile these will occasion endless happy debates about from which side of the family she got that adorable trait.  The birth of a child will bind you to God more tightly than ever before in awed gratitude.  An anonymous poet said, “I thought that one day I would be a famous artist and create great works of art.  Instead God made me a mother and my children are my masterpiece.  Their lives will live on after me.  What is painted on their hearts will last an eternity.”


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
One way to help end abortion is to have another baby.  That was Mother Theresa’s answer when asked by a young mother.  She said, “Have a big family.  That’s the best way to end abortion.”
    If children become more rare due to contraception, sterilization, and abortion, whole segments of society become less and less familiar with the sense of joy and hope that only babies and children can give.  In this climate, contraception and abortion feed on themselves as the increasingly selfish few further reduce their own numbers.
But those who do have babies will revel in the love and joy they bring, and, as scripture says, they will inherit the earth.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Have another child so your sons will have brothers and your daughters will have sisters, so that your sons will have sisters and your daughters, brothers.  Children who have siblings learn early to share.  They learn to take turns and to put the needs of others before their own.  The bond formed between brothers and sisters is lifelong and much stronger than the bond between closest friends.  Boys who have sisters learn the dignity of women.  They learn to treat other girls and women with respect because that is how they would like their own sisters be treated.  Girls who have brothers learn the complementarity of men with women, both fashioned in the image and likeness of God.  Mother Theresa has said, “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones, the ones at home.”

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Have another baby?  Yes, do so – so you won’t be lonely in old age.  People who have children don’t have to rely upon strangers to care for them in their old age.  Children also become the parents of your grandchildren.  To quote Proverbs 17:6: “Grandchildren are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their parentage.”  Have another child to populate heaven.  The child that you and your spouse have been generous in accepting from God was created to return to Him after a life of love, service, and obedience on earth. Our Lord, Himself said there was plenty of room for these immortal souls.  There’s no overpopulation problem in heaven.  John 14:2 tells us: “There are many mansions in my Father’s house.”


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Direct euthanasia by doctors has been legalized in the Netherlands.  The question arises whether this virus will spread to other countries.  There was a meeting in France of the Council of the World Medical Association, and with the exception of the Dutch representative, the delegates unanimously “reaffirmed” the World Medical Association’s strong belief that euthanasia is in conflict with basic ethical principles of medical practice.  It urged all national medical associations and doctors not to practice euthanasia, even if their national law allows it or decriminalizes it under certain circumstances.  So, time will tell whether this virus will spread, but this is a good straw in the wind.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
What are the main arguments for assisted suicide and euthanasia?  You’ve heard them – pain, the need for individual liberties, the need for increased autonomy, the need to choose.  But have you heard of economic reasons?
Derek Humphrey, founder and president of the Hemlock Society, that’s the euthanasia group, has published this in writing, “In the final analysis, economics, not the quest for broadened individual liberties or increased autonomy, economics will drive suicide to the plateau of acceptable practice.”
In other words, if you cost too much to keep alive and euthanasia becomes legal, there are going to be people from high to low trying to get you dead one way or another.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The United Nations has been an ugly and destructive force in recent years.  It has muscled into the U.N. documents, statements, and directives words promoting abortion on demand until birth, destroying marriage as a committed union between one man and one woman, and giving to minor children, absolute freedom to do anything sexually or otherwise without parental consent.  I recently reviewed a fairly lengthy statement on the family from the United Nations.  Never once, was marriage mentioned as a union of man and woman.  The only mention of the word was in conjunction with forced marriage and marrying too young.  This is tragic.  There are, however, forces now alerted and working to correct this scandal, and we should support them.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
To many people, particularly in North America, the United Nations is a distant entity that has no influence on their lives.  It’s those buildings on the East River in New York full of highly paid bureaucrats, or those bureaucratic concentrations in other cities internationally.

But, unlike the U.S. and Canada, in most nations in the world, particularly underdeveloped nations, what the U.N. says and does, for all practical purposes is the functional law of the land.  A one-world government is increasingly a fact of life in those countries.  How it affects them will ultimately also influence how it affects other nations in the world.  So it behooves everyone to learn more about the U.N. and more about what it does.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The United Nations has become the tool of a powerful feminist, socialist alliance that has been working deliberately and effectively to promote a radical restructuring of society.  This alliance is attempting to sway nations to accept an agenda that from the U.N.’s foundation has been outside of its jurisdiction.  It’s doing this primarily through five and ten year follow-up meetings on two treaties.  One is the Convention on the Rights of the Child; the other is the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.  Both were founded originally with policies and goals that you and I would agree with.  Both have been totally subverted into this radical anti-life, anti-family, pro-abortion, socialist agenda.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In the last decade or so there has been a constant flow of international meetings at the United Nations.  They have been reinterpreting two treaties – one, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and two, the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.  The U.N. has been pushing an agenda that directly counters traditional moral and social norms regarding the family, marriage, motherhood, child rearing and religion.  The policies that they are promoting have also undermined the national sovereignty of nations, when otherwise each nation would have the right to determine its own domestic policy.  Pro-life, pro-family groups have taken an increasingly active role in recent years, trying to stop such changes.  These U.N. activities are a scandal that everyone must know about.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Increasingly, committees of the United Nations have interfered with nations around the world in an attempt to impose radical feminist goals.  For instance, they have expressed concern that parents in England were allowed to withdraw their children from radical sex education programs in school.  They have criticized the holding of Mother’s Day in Belarus, saying it promoted a sex role stereotype.  They have criticized cultural and religious values that support mothers staying at home to raise their young children, saying these things undermine women’s rights.  They have urged countries to pass laws to allow young children to take their parents to court if and when they disagree about sexual activities and education.  This is today’s United Nations.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel: Today, let’s listen in to a little girl.    Does Heaven have a phone number?     Mommy went to Heaven, but I need her here today.  My tummy hurts and I fell down, I need her right away.  Operator, can you tell me how to find her in this book?

    Is Heaven in the yellow part?    I think my daddy needs her too, at night I hear him cry.  I hear him call her name sometimes. Maybe if I call her, she will hurry home to me.  She’s been gone a long, long time.  She needs to come home now!   I am only seven.  I’m sorry operator, I didn’t mean to make you cry.  Is there something in your eye?
I found the number to my church tacked up here.  I’ll try calling them.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Perhaps some of you have seen a cartoon.  It was of a man looking up and asking God to send someone to cure AIDS.  God answers, “I did but you killed him in an abortion.”

Over 40 million babies have been killed by abortion in the United States.  Who and what would they have become?  Well, as a matter of fact, looked at it this way, abortionists have killed 135,000 physicians, 500,000 teachers, and over one million cashiers at your fast food or department store.  Today alone, we lost three airline pilots, 13 physicians, 61 registered nurses, 51 teachers, 14 police officers, 7 fire fighters and very possibly, the person God had sent to cure cancer.

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Bob Casey was the governor of Pennsylvania for many years.  During that time he became a stalwart supporter of pro-life issues.  He certainly will be remembered as one of our heroes.  He has gone to his reward but left us with these words: “The world will try again and again in a thousand different forms to sell you power, popularity, acceptance.  But look very closely, because usually the price is a high one.  The price is to surrender the greatest power and freedom any man or woman could ever have - your conscience…

“Never forget that beneath all the slogans and fierce arguments is the fate of innocent children.  They need your love.  Their mothers need your courage.  Press on!”


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Today I have a quote from Congressman Henry Hyde.  Here’s what he said:
“When the time comes, as it surely will, when we face that awesome moment, the final judgment, I often thought that it is a terrible moment of loneliness.  You are there alone, standing before God  -- and a terror will rip your soul like nothing you can imagine.  But I think that those in the pro-life movement will not be alone.  I think there will be a chorus of voices that have never been heard in this world but are heard beautifully and clearly in the next world – and they say to God, ‘Spare them because they loved us,’ – and God will look at you and say not, ‘Did you succeed?’ but ‘Did you try?’”


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Today, some encouraging words from a wise woman: “People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered; forgive them anyway.  If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; be kind anyway.  If you are honest and sincere, people may deceive you; be honest and sincere anyway. What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight; create anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous; be happy anyway. The good you do today, will often be forgotten; do good anyway. Give the best you have, and it may never be enough; give your best anyway. In the final analysis, it is between you and God; it was never between you and them anyway.”

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
You’re a person who’s aware of something that needs to be done.  You are quite capable of doing it and you can do it but you know if you do, that someone else will claim the credit for it.  And certainly that’s true if you’re going to be an advocate for life, or for the lives of millions.  Well, then, how do you  proceed in such a situation?  It’s human nature for any of us to, at least, hesitate and, depending on the circumstances, perhaps not do it at all.  After all, it’s natural and normal that we expect acknowledgement and some praise for the good things we do.  But, let’s remember what is important is getting the job done.  It’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.  After all, you’ll get the credit in eternity, if not in the here and now.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Professor Alexander Tyler has told us that democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government.  It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure.  From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by dictatorship.
The world’s great civilizations have progressed from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from great courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, and then to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependency back to bondage.

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You’re heard of using fetal brain tissue being transplanted into the brains of a patient with Parkinson’s disease? 
This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels.     For two decades, such transplants have produced only temporary success.
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This is Dr. John Willke of Life Jewels.  The basic facts of pro-life are this:  Either this is or is not a baby.
 And this baby is allowed to live or is killed. Plan to join me each day for just a minute, and
 we’ll look at the crucial pro-life issues facing us in today’s culture.



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