1999 Life Jewels Volume 4
1 minute pro-life audio messages for the right choice
Created 1999
Life Jewels are produced by  Life Issues Institute, Inc.
 hosted by Dr. John C. Willke.

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Table of Contents Volume 4 Life Jewels 1999
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 1] Newborns Feel Pain
 32] Fathers Important
 2] Stem Cells
 33] Human Papilloma Virus
 3] Approval for Experimentation
 34] AIDS in Africa
 4] Percent Adopted
 35] Israel/Arab Births
 5] Adoption Semantics
 36] China's Only Child
 6] HIV Positive Babies
 37] UN Agenda
 7] Children Need Love
 38] UN and "Gender"
 8] Abortions for Poor
 39] Forced Pregnancy
 9] Cheaper to Abort?
 40] Population Control $
10] Fewer Abortions
 41] West is Dying
11] Adoption Benefits
                     Fewer Abortion Facilities
 42] Pro-Life Candidates
12] CPC Baby Shower
 43] "Catholic" Officials & Abortion
13] Chattanooga Memorial
 44] Health Means?
14] Prostaglandin Alone
 45] Exceptions to Abortions
15] RU 486 & Congress
 46] Steps on the Way
16] The Pill Risks
 47] Defeat Pro-Lifer?
17] Britain Pill Dangers
 48] Inflammatory Rhetoric
18] Abortion & Breast Cancer
 49] Violence - Outside or In?
19] Informed Consent
 50] Protective Ring
20] Abortion/Breast/Family
 51] Call Us Pro-Life
21] Foundation Grants
 52] Most Media Biased
22] Foundation Grants II
 53] Suicide for the Poor
23] Anti-Christian Liberties Union
 54] Suicide & Pregnancy
24] National Education Association
 55] Suicide, Pain, Autonomy
25] Planned Parenthood Counseling
 56] End of Life Care
26] Planned Parenthood Kills
 57] Choose Life Support
27] Race of Thoroughbreds
 58] Euthanasia Wallet Card
28] Opinion of Pro-Lifers
 59] The Terminally III Won't?
29] School Sex Clinics
 60] Hire Professional Executioner
30] YWCA Radical Feminists
 61] Dutch Euthanasia Rules
31] Trial Marriages
 62] House of Lords


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Volume 4 Life Jewels 1999

Newborns Feel Pain

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Research in London has reported that newborn babies’ nervous systems have characteristics different from those of older humans.  They are unique in that their nervous system allows them to feel pain sooner, more sensitively, and for a longer period of time than adults. Their pain is more generalized throughout the body; while ours is more localized in one location. 

Obviously, if this is the situation in a baby right after birth, it will also be true for a baby before birth, and probably to some lesser degree in the months preceding it.  Now, if this is confirmed by other studies, then we can say with proven assurance that abortion not only kills a baby but causes that infant great pain in the process.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Stem Cells

        This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
We’ve heard of stem cells, these are very primitive, undifferentiated embryonic cells.  They are useful in research and may bring us much new information.  Some stem cells can be obtained from the blood of the baby’s umbilical cord.  Other types that are more desirable can only be obtained from the core of a brand new living human embryo.  In order to get these stem cells you must kill this living human. 

The pro-life movement is totally opposed to this use of stem cells.  Some say that such a stem cell is not yet a human being, and cannot develop into a human being.  Therefore, it does not have the moral status of a complete human.  But this is patent nonsense.  It is part of a new human being, and in order to obtain it, you must kill that human being.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Approval for Experimentation
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Experimentation can be carried out on a living human embryo before, during, or after his attachment to the inside of the mother’s womb – or it can be to a fetus while he or she still lives in the womb.  Experimentation can be carried out on a living human baby after delivery.  That experimentation can be, for example, a trial of a new drug or of a new treatment. 

If this is done for the possible benefit of this specific living human, and if the parents approve, then it’s ethical.  If, however, the experiment is done with the intention of later killing this living human to determine the results from the experiment, then a serious crime is being committed against this human’s rights – and against all human rights.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Percent Adopted
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Before 1973, almost 20% of unwed white mothers placed their babies for adoption.  By 1995, that had dropped to just under 2%.  For young black women, it had been 1½ % and now it is even less frequent and this from The National Center for Health Statistics.  Why? 

Well, certainly we’ve had many cultural changes which have led women to keep their babies.  But a major factor has been the flat out condemnation of adoption as a major policy initiative by Planned Parenthood. 

They have told pregnant women, that this is a fate worse than death for their child.  And this, of course, is simply untrue, for children growing up in adoptive homes are more stable, get a better education, commit fewer crimes, and form more stable marriages than the average naturally conceived and born child in the U.S.  This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)

Adoption Semantics

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
We should teach young mothers that you don’t “give up” your baby in adoption, rather you “place” your baby.  You give up things like bad habits.  Further, you do not “keep your baby,” rather “you parent your child.”  You keep things, but the baby is not a thing.  We tell young mothers that if they’ve decided that they cannot parent a child, then they should place him in the loving arms of someone who is better able to parent him. 

If you say it this way, the baby then becomes a person, not some thing that belongs to her.  Rather he or she becomes a little person.  Of course, if she chooses to parent the baby, then she has the responsibility of taking good care of this new little one.  Then, sometimes the greatest act of love you can give your child is to place your baby in adoption.  This is Dr. John Willke.

HIV Positive Babies

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Babies born to mothers who are HIV positive all test positive at birth.  For ¾ of them, though, this is not an actual infection but the passive presence of immune antibodies from the mother.  By their first birthday, these passive antibodies have disappeared, and these babies, then, test negative. 

The additional ¼ are actually infected and, if so, most will die from AIDS in one or two years.  French researchers have shown that if the mother is given the drug AZT during her pregnancy, and delivery, the infection rate drops to about 8%.  Further, if this is followed with delivering the baby by cesarean section, according to these studies, the percent of babies who pick up the infection drops to between 1 and 2%.  Now there’s about 400 babies are born in the U.S. each year, infected with the AIDS virus, so this is good news.  This is Dr. John Willke.


Children Need Love

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
A well-known columnist Mona Charen, recently said, “It’s amazing how far we have fallen in 25 years.  This nation has become so wealthy that nearly every family has a microwave oven, cell phone, designer sneakers and even a two-car garage.  But the things that children need to be happy, the love of two committed marriage partners, a stable home and reliable rules of conduct these have been denied them.

Where did nice, seemingly normal, ordinary, middle-class American kids get the idea that you can dispose of another child, born or unborn, like so much trash?” she asked that and then answered, “from the U.S. Supreme Court, the President of the United States, Planned Parenthood and the entire pro-abortion movement.”  This is Dr. John Willke.

Abortions for Poor

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Which groups in our nation are most in favor of using your tax money to pay for elective abortions?  Well, as a matter of fact, a poll done in North Carolina a few years ago showed that 43% of college educated people favored such government assistance, but only 17% of those with less than a high school education did.  Also, 36% of men favored tax payment for abortions compared to 28% of women. 

So, those who would receive the dubious benefit of tax money to pay for killing their unborn babies wanted them the least.  Does this mean that wealthier people, more educated, and elitist people, see this as a way of reducing poverty - by the simple means of killing the unborn children of the poor?  You see, it isn’t the poor who want abortions; it’s the rich who want abortions for the poor.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Cheaper to Abort?

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
It has been asked, from strictly an economic standpoint, isn’t it cheaper to abort than to have a child born and then to have another person on welfare?  Well, as an ethic this is horrible.  But let’s do look at it from a purely economic standpoint.  A major study, published a few years ago by Planned Parenthood, we believe, is definitive.  At that time there were welfare costs of $14,000 for each birth to a married or unmarried teenager. 

The cost was $8,500 for each first birth to her if she was 20 years or older.  These were the base taxpayer costs.  This expense should be compared to the average of nearly $50,000 that each of these same people will ultimately pay in taxes as an adult.  Further, the average time a family stays on welfare is 28 months, not 18 years.  And so it isn’t the poor who want abortions, it’s the rich who want abortions for the poor. 

Fewer Abortions

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The total number of abortions done in the United States is dropping.  The most accurate numbers come from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a branch of Planned Parenthood.  From a high of 1.6 million abortions a few years ago, they now report less than 1.4 million annually, and this is the lowest rate in the last 20 years. 

The federal government’s Center for Disease Control the (CDC), reports just over 1.2 million.  The difference is explainable.  The CDC is the passive recipient of reports sent to it from the states.  But all states don’t report at all but some report rather inaccurately.  The Guttmacher Institute aggressively goes to all abortion mills and gets their results directly.  Even so, figures from both sources show the same percentage drop. 

Fewer Abortion Facilities

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In 1982, there were just under 3,000 facilities performing abortions in the United States.  These included hospitals, freestanding abortion mills, and individual doctor’s offices.  Ten years later in 1992, the number had dropped to about 2,400.  And by ‘96 it was at 2,000 and has continued to drop.  About 90% of all abortions today are done in freestanding abortion mills.  The killing centers that remain now are largely concentrated in the center of large cities. 

Those that were in the suburbs and smaller cities have largely closed their doors because local public opinion had been boycotting them and making life uncomfortable.  Those that had a significant percent of their income derived from other medical practice, were vulnerable to boycotting, and have largely closed up shop.  In addition, the total number of abortions done today is down 10% from its peak.  This is Dr. John Willke.  

CPC Baby Shower

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Do you have a Crisis Pregnancy Center in your area?  If so, remember that they give a great deal of maternal and baby equipment, food, and supplies away and they always need more.  How about sponsoring a massive baby shower for them?  Pick a particular Sunday.  Set up a number of locations where people can drop off their donations that day or even ahead of time.  Run public service announcements about this for a week or two before the event.

 Even secular radio stations will help with this.  What should people donate – baby clothes, infant formula, diapers, baby food, cribs, bedding, car seats, other baby furniture and don’t forget maternity clothes for Mom.  This is an effort that everyone in the community can support.  This is Dr. John Willke. 

Chattanooga Memorial

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Memorials to the unborn have been established in a number of cities in the United States.  The most impressive one to date is in Chattanooga.  It is located in the same building where over 35,000 babies had been killed by abortion.  Purchased after the abortionist had to leave, it was rebuilt.  It is now a most impressive memorial to the unborn.  It is a Christian ministry devoted to the sanctity of human life and the memory of aborted children. 

There are currently almost 1,000 brass plates on its wall of names, each of which commemorates a child lost.  It has a quiet garden for sitting and reflection.  It has a chapel for prayer.  And it’s also now the site of a crisis pregnancy center.  Overall, it is a most relevant and impressive memorial.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Prostaglandin Alone

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
RU 486 is the French abortion pill.  Used alone it will only cause abortion in 60-80% of the time, and, therefore, a second drug is used, prostaglandin.  This brings the abortion rate up to 90-95%.  If this second drug if used alone, it can also abort in some cases. 

However, it usually fails, and when it does, many of these mothers carry their baby to term delivery.  Now we know that when used alone it can cause fetal deformity in surviving babies.  Illegal use of an oral form of this drug, known in the U.S. by the name of Cytotec, has been shown to leave some surviving babies with congenital defects of their limbs, fingers, toes, of their brain and nervous system. So not only is RU 486 a lethal drug, but the prostaglandin used with it, is also bad news. 

RU 486 & Congress

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Congressman Chris Smith, head of the pro-life caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives, recently stated this: “It is tragic and sad beyond words that the baby poison known as RU 486 is being aggressively promoted by the abortion industry, especially by Planned Parenthood, as the new method of violence against children.

The federal government and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration should move to protect, shield, and safeguard both women and their babies from this deadly concoction.  RU 486 is never safe for the baby, and no civilized society can long endure when it poisons or dismembers its own kids.”  Let’s thank Smith’s ongoing dedication to the pro-life cause in Congress.  RU 486 poisons babies but it is also dangerous for the mother.  Truly, it is a human pesticide.  This is Dr. John Willke.

The Pill Risks

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
We’ve known for years that women who take the contraceptive pill have a greater risk of heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots.  This was very evident in the early high dose pills, which killed 500 women a year in the U.S.  With the newer low dose pills, far fewer die, but there still are many complications.  A recent British study reports that it would seem that these health risks fade away ten years after she quits using the pill. 

There is one, however, that only grows, and that is that there is increasing evidence that the pill is a causative factor in breast cancer.  There’s also evidence of a small but steady increase in breast cancer after abortions.  Now researchers are taking a closer and closer look at the pill and its association with later breast cancer.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Britain – Pill Dangers

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The British Medical Journal has reported on the continuing danger to the health of women who had been taking the oral contraceptive pill.  In a 25-year follow up to 46,000 British women, they reported that if she has been taking the pill, she is twice as likely to die from a stroke, coronary, or other vascular complication.  The pill also increases her chance for cervical cancer to 2½ times the normal. 

The good news is that the enhanced death rate from cardiovascular complications lasts for ten years after women have stopped taking the pill.  After that, she reverts to her previous chances for problems.  What this report did not include however, was the threat of breast cancer from taking the contraceptive pill.  The chance for breast cancer increases as she grows older.  This is Dr. John Willke.


Abortion – Breast Cancer

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The more studies that are published, the more solid has become the association of breast cancer with having had an abortion earlier in life.  Breast cancer is not common in the first four or five decades of life but its incidence increases progressively thereafter. 

Dr. Joel Brind, the world’s foremost authority on this issue, has predicted that once today’s group of women, who have had legalized abortion available throughout their reproductive lives, once they reach post-menopausal ages, there will be, by conservative estimate, between 40,000 and 50,000 additional cases of breast cancer each year.  That would not have occurred if they had not had abortions.  Sadly, if present mortality rates do not change, 25 to 35% of these women will die from those cancers.  This is Dr. John Willke.


Informed Consent
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
It’s increasingly obvious that having an abortion increases a woman’s chance of breast cancer later in life.  You all know about informed consent?  Before your surgery, the surgeon told you in detail many of the bad things that could result from the operation, and only then did you give consent for the surgery.  If he had not done this, and you had a bad result, you could have entered a lawsuit against him.  This is a firmly established practice. 

It is called informed consent; it’s required by law.  Unfortunately, in practice today, abortionists do not tell women the possible complication of later breast cancer.  I predict that in a few years, we will begin to see lawsuits from women, against abortionists, because of lack of informed consent.  You watch, it’s going to happen.  This is Dr. John Willke.



       This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
I’m sure many of you know that if a woman has an abortion, particularly if she has it when she’s young, and most particularly if she has it for her first pregnancy, that this sharply increases her chance for breast cancer later in life.  Perhaps most of you know that if she has a family history of breast cancer, her chance for being similarly affected increases. 

Specifically, women who’ve had abortions increase their risk of breast cancer by at least 40%.  If that woman also has a family history of breast cancer, the risk factor is 80%.  There was a landmark study done out of Seattle of 2,000 women, in it there were 12 who had a family risk factor, and, in addition, had an abortion before the age of 18.  All 12 of these women developed breast cancer by age 45.

Foundation Grants

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Research and educational organizations, both left liberal and right and more conservative, receive over 75% of their income from philanthropic grants.  A large percent of this money comes from foundations.  Only a few foundations fund both the left and the right but the actual numbers tell a story. 

Charitable foundations that give grants to fund the left have assets of $43 billion.  Those that fund conservative and right wing causes have assets of $2.5 billion.  Another way of looking at this is that the left liberal foundations have over 17 times as much money as do conservative foundations.  As might be expected, current revenue reflects this.  The left has $4 billion income yearly, compared to less than $1 billion for the right.  You give money to your Alma Mater?  What causes does your university or school support?  You may be surprised. 

Foundation Grants II

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Many non-profit research and lobbying organizations receive money from the federal government and from other taxpayer-funded sources.  Left-wing groups, 172 of them, the great majority of whom are pro-abortion, receive almost $600 million every year.  In contrast there are only 14 right wing groups, most of them pro-life, and they receive $19 million.  This means that left liberal groups receive 29 times as much money from the federal government.  Not surprisingly, the left spends $560 million on lobbying, while the right spends $280 million, only half as much.

    Of interest is that recently liberal groups have seen a 1% decease annually, while the right grew by 7%.  But even if these trends continue, it will take 20 years for conservative groups to catch up.   This is Dr. John Willke.


Anti-Christian Liberties Union


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The ACLU is officially the American Civil Liberties Union.  Its stated purpose for existing is to defend the civil liberties and rights of citizens.  Over the years, however, it has become increasingly selective as to whose civil liberties it protects.  Specifically, it has increasingly shown aggressive bias against Christian liberties.  It has fought prayer in schools, at commencements, games, and any public place. 

It’s against Christmas displays and the list goes on.  It has demonstrated, it would seem, that its purpose is to simply eliminate Christianity from the public sector of this country.  Accordingly, many Christians using the same initials, ACLU, but now call it the Anti-Christian Liberties Union, or sometimes, the Anti-Civil Liberties Union.  I’d say both names fit the group well.  This is Dr. John Willke.


National Education Association

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The National Education Association has had a strongly pro-abortion position for many years.  At last year’s annual meeting, there were pro-life objections voiced on five separate occasions.  One pro-life delegate asked if unauthorized second and third trimester salt poisoning and partial-birth abortions were included in the organization’s stand against mutilation and against suffering in its existing human life resolution. 

Rather than answering the question, the pro-life speaker was simply cut off.  The question was not answered.  Most classroom teachers don’t agree with the NEA’s position, but the organization is firmly in the hands of radical, pro-abortion, socialist, feminist leadership.  It is the most powerful non-governmental labor union in the country, and it fights fiercely to preserve a monopoly for government schools, as opposed to private and religious schools.  This is Dr. John Willke.


Planned Parenthood Counseling

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Some time ago the U.S. General Accounting Office reminded us that pregnant women who go to Planned Parenthood for counseling are nearly seven times more likely to have an abortion, than women who go to other family planning clinics.  One way to think of this is to remember that most abortions are sold, not bought, and Planned Parenthood sells them very aggressively.  As you know, Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States. 

It kills over 10% of all the babies killed in abortion, and refers for their execution another 5%.  Even Time Magazine has described Planned Parenthood as the premiere institution performing abortions in this country.  We call it the largest baby-killing conglomerate in America.  This is Dr. John Willke.


Planned Parenthood Kills

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Back in 1963, a Planned Parenthood pamphlet asked, “Is birth control an abortion?”  The answer in their pamphlet was this: “Definitely not.  An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.  It is dangerous to your life and health.  It may make you sterile so that when you want a child you cannot have it.  Birth control merely postpones the beginning of life.”  Well, those days are gone forever. 

Planned Parenthood, of course, is today’s largest provider of abortions in the United States.  And they continue to aggressively remodeling contraceptive clinics around the country and re-opening them as abortion chambers.  Over 12% of the babies killed in abortion in the U.S. are killed within the walls of Planned Parenthood, another 5% being referred to other killing centers.  This is Dr. John Willke.


Race of Thoroughbreds

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Who was it who worked hard for “A race of thoroughbreds?”  Who was it who published the fact that she wanted “more children from the fit, less from the unfit?”  Who was it who believed that “Negroes and southern Europeans were mentally inferior to native-born Americans”?  And that these people, Hebrews and others, were “feeble-minded and human weeds”? 

That they were “a menace to the race”?  The lady who said all this was Margaret Sanger.  She was the famous founder of Planned Parenthood.  She favored free love for women without any sexual limits and without the burden of children.  She saw “the marriage bed as the most degenerate influence in the social order.”  She was a racist, a eugenist, and her followers still are. 

Opinion of Pro-Lifers

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Guess who made this statement?  Let me quote.  “In every generation there exists a group of people, so full of bigotry and self-righteousness that they will resort to any means – even violence – to impose their views on society.  Today’s such fanatics dominate a movement ironically called the Right to Life.  A movement which threatens the most basic of human rights.” 

Friends, that was a statement printed and distributed by Planned Parenthood.  Let me give you another quote from them.  “Planned Parenthood is not just a social or medical service agency.  It is part of a cause, a movement.  One of the principles of Planned Parenthood is that reproductive freedom is indivisible.  You either have it all or not.  Everyone has it or no one has it.”  That’s, again, a quote from Planned Parenthood.  This is Dr. John Willke.


School Sex Clinics
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In-school health clinics, which we commonly rename, in-school sex clinics, continue to increase in numbers.  In the last five years, they have doubled from 600 to 1200 schools having such clinics.  Many or most were initially funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which has as its ultimate goal, the distribution through them, of contraceptives to students without their parent’s knowledge or consent.  These clinics start with the promise to treat only non-reproductive health problems. 

But once established, however, many move to family planning and abortion referrals.  Interestingly, in Texas recently, the state health commissioners cut out all state aid to school-based clinics, giving the reason that they often duplicate existing services but that they also force family planning counseling on unwilling communities.  This is Dr. John Willke.


YWCA Radical Feminists

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The YMCA, the Young Men’s Christian Association, has remained pro-life.  But the YWCA, has not.  The Young Women’s Christian Association was captured more than two decades ago by a group of radical, pro-abortion, anti-life feminists. For example, in 1973, right after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion, at is 26th Annual Convention it voted “to support efforts to provide safe abortions to all women who desire them.”  In 1989, it re-stated its policy and supported “repeal of all laws restricting or prohibiting abortions.” 

And its policy today remains aggressively supportive of abortion.  There has been no essential change since that time.  If it is to continue, though, to call itself Christian, you folks must retake control of your local unit.  Then move up and capture it at the national level and change its policies.  Good luck. 

Trial Marriages

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Trial marriages fail 50% more often than traditional marriages.  Why is this?  After all, the whole idea of a trial marriage is to test and see if they are compatible sexually and otherwise; to find out if such a union would be successful.  The answer is this, marriage is more than merely being in love at that time.  It is more than merely learning how to live together day by day.

It is more than getting to know each other.  Marriage is a permanent commitment.  You just cannot give yourself freely and completely when you still are not sure this is for keeps.  You simply cannot practice permanent commitment ahead of time.  Don’t worry about sexual compatibility, that happens.  What’s important is that this is a binding contract.  This is what marriage is all about.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Fathers Are Important

        This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Increasingly in recent years, research has shown that a father figure is absolutely crucial to the proper formation of children.  This applies for both boys and girls.  What this country needs is a much higher percentage of fathers married to and living with the mothers of their sons and daughters.  Further, these fathers should be good role models for their children. 

But sadly, a recent investigation showed that there were only 15% of recurring fathers in prime time TV, and 11 of these were poor models.  The worst network was NBC, with 12 reoccurring homosexual characters and overall 25 homosexual, bisexual, or trans-gendered characters.  There was only one father on NBC’s prime time and 8 network shows.  How about just turning these shows off?  This is Dr. John Willke.


Human Papilloma Virus

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Our children hear constantly about safe sex through the use of condoms, but this is a lie. 

At best, it can only be called “safer” sex.  But there is one sexually transmitted disease that is not prevented at all by condoms, and that is the human papilloma virus.  This causes genital warts and, later in her life, cancer of the cervix. 

Almost as many women die of this cancer each year as from AIDS.  Condoms provide no protection from this disease, as it is not only transmitted by exchange of body fluids but it is also spread from one person to another by skin-to-skin contact. 

The rapid spreading of this disease, which is incurable, is an ongoing tragedy.  But have you heard public health people admitting that condoms are ineffective here?  I haven’t. 

AIDS in Africa
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
AIDS is devastating Africa.  It is killing so many people, largely young adults, mothers and babies, that five southeastern African nations have seen a stunning drop of more than 25 years subtracted from the average life expectancy in those countries.  In the mid-1980s their life expectancy was 65 years.  Today in Zimbabwe it’s 39 years. 

Other nations, equally devastated, are Botswana, Malawi, Swaziland and Zambia.  Sadly, all of these AIDS victims will surely die, as, unlike in the United States, there is rarely any effective medicine available to treat them, so the first opportunistic infection carries them off.  But guess what?  Our beneficent government, instead of sending medical aid to these people, continues to send them huge quantities of contraceptive and abortive drugs. 

Israel/Arab Births
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In Israel today there are more than 4½ million Jews, about 1¼ million Arabs.  That’s about a 4-1 ratio.  But the birthrate among Jews is less than 1½ babies per woman in her lifetime, whereas the birth rate among Arab women is more like 4 children in her lifetime.  The reason for this is partly family limitation by contraception among the Jews but, more importantly, because of a very high rate of abortion among the Jews.  There are very few abortions among the Arab women.  Now, if this disparity in birth rates continues, it will only be a matter of a few generations until the 4-1 Jew to Arab ratio is sharply reduced and possibly even ultimately reversed.  Talk about national suicide, here it is in Israel before their very eyes!  Thought you’d like to know. 

China’s Only-Child Policy

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
We’ve all heard—we’ve all been told—that if a family has only one child, the chance for the child being spoiled is considerably greater than children in a larger family.  This is not always true, of course, but, sometimes it is.  China has been limiting families to one child now for almost two decades.  These children are now being called “little emperors”. 

Each is the only child these parents will ever have, and, in some cases, the only grandchild.  These children are being pampered, doted upon, and are being spoiled.  Further, most are boys.  One can only predict what will happen in future years when an entire generation of little male emperors enter adult life, hunt for women to marry, and there won’t be enough—and then, well, let’s wait and see.  I’d say the future sounds grim.  This is Dr. John Willke.

U.N. Agenda

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Our administration’s agenda at United Nations conferences includes the following: Establishing elective abortion as a human right, giving complete sexual license to people of all ages, redefining the family to include same-sex couples, establishing gender quotas, denigration of religious beliefs of motherhood, fatherhood, marriage and the traditional family, discouraging and/or preventing women from being full-time wives or mothers, imposing permissive sex education on children of all ages, so-called human rights of individuals, that is, abortion, should supercede any national sovereignty. 

And finally, they want to institute global taxation to fund all of the above.  Our nation could turn this degradation around if our federal government would appoint pro-life, pro-family officials to its international agencies.

U.N. and “Gender”

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
At recent United Nations meetings, the radical feminist women’s groups, eagerly supported by the European Union, Canada, and the U.S. delegates, have attempted to include the word “gender” in documents being issued by the United Nations.  The purpose for this is to legalize homosexual marriages in every country in the world.  Through the continuing efforts of pro-life lobbyists, from the International Right to Life Federation and other groups, the word “gender” has been officially defined as “the two sexes, male and female, within the context of society.” 

Now, this was a hard-won victory for pro-life, pro-family forces and it was against the continuing efforts of the Western nations in the U.N.  Unfortunately, they will continue their efforts to destroy traditional marriage, and we’ll have to fight their next effort.  This is Dr. John Willke.

“Forced Pregnancy”

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In the United Nations there has been an ongoing major effort by the wealthy Western nations, the U.S. delegation, Canada and the European Union.  These countries, allied with radical, anti-Christian, feminist groups, made a major effort to include the words “forced pregnancy” in recent U.N. documents and these would have applied to all the nations of the world. 

These were code words that would have cancelled out any nation’s laws restricting abortions.  But through the efforts of the International Right to Life Federation and other pro-life lobbyists, this effort was stopped, and the words were officially reinterpreted to apply only to a woman forcibly made pregnant, as in rape.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Population Control $

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The Population Research Institute has publicized the amounts of money spent by the U.S. State Department through U.S. Aid for International Development spent in the following countries.  It has compared millions of dollars spent annually on population control and family limitation, with millions spent on health activities. 

The figures are:  In Bangladesh, $30 million compared to $13 million.  In Brazil, $7 million on population, $0 on health.  In Guyana, $12 million; Guinea, $6 million; Jordan, $7 million and Paraguay, $1 million—all on population control, none on health.  In the Philippines it spent $22 million compared to $3 million on health.  In Bolivia, $21 million compared to $7 million.  Friends, that translates into very little penicillin but lots of condoms. 

The West is Dying

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Why are Western nations trying so frantically to reduce the population of the developing world?  The answer is clear.  In 1930, Euro-centric Caucasian people of the West made up 35% of the earth’s population.  Today, it’s 15% .  It is still dominant economically, militarily and otherwise, but, if the present birth rates continue, by the year 2025, the percent will be down to 9%.  And by the year 2100, it will drop under 5%.  And all of this is due to family limitation in the West, largely due to abortion.  With this drop will inevitably come the fading of today’s dominance and the wealth of the West.  This is why, in the United Nations, Canada, the U.S. and Western Europe why they’re trying so desperately to impose population control in under-developed countries.  This is Dr. J.C. Willke.

Pro-Life Candidates

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
When people cast their ballots for the specific reason that a candidate is pro-life or is pro-abortion, who gets the most votes?  In the last several national elections, the pattern has been the same.  An average of 22% of all voters have been giving, as their prime reason for voting, their judgment on the candidate’s position on abortion.  13% of the 22% voted pro-life, 9% pro-abortion.  This net 4% advantage for the pro-life candidate has been a pattern over the last 20 years.  In some elections, the pro-life advantage has been as high as 6-7%.  The difference has been greater for men, but also, and consistently, when women cast their ballots – judging a candidate primarily on the candidate’s abortion position – a majority of women have also voted for pro-life candidates. 

“Catholic” Officials and Abortion

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
A recent statement by Catholic bishops has been very interesting.  Here’s what they said: “Catholics must address issues of racism, poverty, hunger, education, and so forth, but being right on these can never excuse a wrong choice on abortion or euthanasia.  Catholic public officials who disregard their church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person are indirectly in collusion in the taking of innocent life. 

In so doing, they jeopardize their own salvation, erode the community of faith, and give scandal to the faithful.  Abortion is not the only issue Catholic voters should consider, but it has to be a major consideration.  People don’t really have rights if they’re not alive.”  This is a clear, specific statement on the central priority of judging a candidate by their position on abortion and euthanasia.  Thought you’d like to know. 

What Does “Health” Mean?

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
    You all know what you understand when someone uses the word “health”.  When we speak of physical and mental health, you think of it as the absence of disease.  Well, of course.  But there is a precise legal definition of the word “health” contained in the Supreme Court decisions that gave us abortion.  Another definition accepted worldwide is one by the World Health Organization. 

To them, “health” is a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional well being as determined by the person himself.  Health has been defined by our Supreme Court as including “all factors physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age relevant to the well being of the patient.”  Now, because of these definitions, any law in any country that allows abortion for “health” in effect allows abortion-on-demand.

Exceptions to Abortions

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
There are those in the pro-life movement who sincerely believe that we should not support legislation that only partly restricts abortion.  They feel we should hold out, once and for all, for its entire abolition.  They should remember what happened in Italy 25 years ago.  Its law had forbidden all abortions. 

Then, in an initiative referendum, only two choices were offered:  (1) Abortion-on-demand, state paid, with no restrictions on age, or (2) With few restrictions but limited to three months.  Those were the only choices.  And what do you think?  The Pope publicly instructed his faithful Catholics to vote for the lesser of two evils – in effect, to vote to authorize abortion until three months.  For those, then, who feel uncomfortable accepting steps on the way, this is one to remember.

Steps on the Way

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Should pro-life people accept steps on the way, or should they hold out for complete abolition of abortion in one single step?  Well, there’s a real relevant analogy with the struggle against slavery.

 Two hundred years ago, the anti-slavery movement in England, which certainly wanted to end slavery, nevertheless, adopted as its first goal the ending of the international slave trade.  There was not a chance in the world of completely abolishing slavery at that time, and so they took the first major step on the way, and worked for several decades to finally accomplish their first goal—stopping the slave trade.  After this they went on to pursue their final goal.  But you see, accomplishing the first made the last possible.  Pro-lifers today would benefit by remembering this.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Defeat Pro-Lifer?

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
    Strange as it sounds, one way to help defeat a pro-life candidate in an election is to all but fall in love with that candidate.  We certainly hope that pro-life people will become deeply involved supporting pro-life candidates, but sometimes—well, let’s assume that both candidates in a primary election are pro-life, and you think one of them is God’s gift to your area. 

You all but fall in love with him.  So far, so good.  In the election your guy loses and the other pro-lifer wins.  The temptation then is to cut out and walk away, but, you see, this would be very wrong.  Rather, you should hang in there.  You should then help the winner in the upcoming general election.  You see, if you don’t, often the pro-abortion candidate of the other party will then win.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Inflammatory Rhetoric?

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
“Inflammatory rhetoric” – you’ve heard pro-abortion people accuse us of this.  They say that our inflammatory rhetoric is precipitating violence against abortion chambers and is causing some extremists to even shoot abortionists.  How do we answer this?  Well, first of all, it’s unmitigated nonsense.  It’s not because we verbally accuse them of killing babies that these tragedies have occurred.

No, it’s because they are actually brutally killing babies.  Our people are just telling the truth.  The pro-abortion goal here is obvious—they want to prevent us from informing people of the true nature of their business.  Pro-lifers should see through this immediately.  Don’t worry about those charges and don’t listen to them.  Let’s continue to tell the story—it needs to be told.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Violence—Outside or In?

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
What are we to say when they accuse us of violence outside of abortion chambers?  Well, first of all, we should totally condemn any kind of violence outside those doors.  We should make the point that the real ongoing violence is occurring inside the doors of those abortion chambers. 

Killing of innocent babies is the ultimate violence, and it occurs almost 4,000 times a day in the U.S.  But, outside the doors, we are a people of peace.  Our entire ethic is based on non-violence.  Our people out on the sidewalk are true heroes and heroines.  They endure insults and sometimes assaults from the hired guards.  They have been spit on, pushed, cursed, threatened, ridiculed, and, in almost every case, they’ve turned the other cheek.  They’ve tolerated all of this in the hope of saving one tiny life, in the hope of preventing the physical and psychic damage to one woman.

Protective Ring

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
There’s a function here that hasn’t been generally recognized.  Yes, we all know that pro-lifers who picket on the sidewalk in front of an abortion chamber that they’re there as pro-life witnesses.  Yes, they’re there to save babies.  Yes, they’re there to help women before and after the abortion.  But do you know that they’re also there to prevent violence? 

Their presence has functioned as a protective ring.  These peaceful, prayerful people have fairly frequently intercepted an anguished father who otherwise would have gone into that abortion place and hurt somebody and did some damage.  These peaceful, prayerful people have undoubtedly prevented hundreds, possibly even thousands, of episodes of violence against these abortion mills.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Call us “Pro-life”


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In general, the media will call a group the name they wish to be called.  Anti-vivisectionist?  No—those are animal rights people.  Sodomites, homosexuals?  No, they prefer to be called “gay”. 

Fornicators and adulterers?  No, they want to be called sexually active.  Pro-abortion people?  No—the media will call them abortion rights activists or pro-choice people.  So then, what about pro-lifers?  Oh, that’s the name we prefer.  But no, we’re called anti-abortion or, worse, yet, anti-choice.  But our agenda is broader than only being opposed to abortion.  We also oppose infanticide and euthanasia.  Further, we are not “anti” – we’re “pro” – pro for the life of the baby, pro for the welfare of the mother.  But, contrary to the media’s practice of honoring others’ preferred names, the media still call us “anti-abortion”.  Quite a double standard, isn’t it?

Most Media Biased

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Sometimes it’s of interest to stop and think of the subtle bias that pervades so much of the reporting that we hear and see.  We are commonly called anti-abortion, a negative label, they’re called pro-choice, a positive label.  Large pro-life rallies and marches are either ignored or grossly underestimated in size, but a dozen so-called pro-choice protesters will get equal time.  Anti-abortion fanatics are contrasted with pro-abortion people who have deep commitments. 

It’s okay to identify those who oppose abortion as Evangelicals, Catholics, Fundamentalists and Right Wing Extremists, but who has ever read or heard of a pro-abortion person being identified as an atheist, a homosexual, a lesbian—if such they were.  Needless to say, we hear a constant cacophony of talk about the rights of a woman.  But how often does the media even mention the rights of the unborn child?

Suicide for the Poor

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In November of 1987, the state of Oregon made assisted suicide legal.  Their law allows a physician to prescribe a lethal dose of drugs, but the patient must take the medication himself.  Since then, there have been a number of interesting developments.  In relation to poor people who qualify for welfare, the state has said that it will pay for the lethal cocktail. 

Soon after that, however, it issued another statement that sharply limited the amount it will pay for pain-relieving drugs as well as for anti-depressant medication.  We know that depressed people often commit suicide.  We know that people whose pain is not relieved are more likely to want to die.  Are these moves direct discrimination against poor people?  Is this a way to encourage welfare patients to ask to end it all?  This is Dr. John Willke.

Pregnancy and Suicide

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
You’ve heard that some women claim they must have an abortion or they’ll commit suicide, and, therefore, such an abortion would be justified to save her life?  This is nonsense!  A major study out of Finland recently reported on suicides associated with pregnancy.  The rate associated with a child birth was six suicides per 100,000 women. 

After spontaneous miscarriage, it was 18.  After induced abortion, it was 35 suicides per 100,000 women.  Other studies have shown that suicides of pregnant women are extremely rare, unless she is psychotic.  There are very few after delivery, but suicides associated with induced abortion are far more common.  This is Dr. John Willke.

Suicide, Pain, Autonomy

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
When we hear reasons given for the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia, the most commonly repeated reason has been pain—severe pain, unrelieved pain, constant agonizing pain, intractable pain.  But now we have a report of the Oregon experience.  In its first year of operation, fifteen people in Oregon legally committed suicide with the assistance of a doctor. 

According to the official report, not a single one gave pain as the major reason why they chose suicide.  Rather, those who died had strong personal beliefs in individual autonomy.  The main reason they chose suicide was fear of future dependence on others, and fear of loss of bodily function.  That’s not the reason we were told would be the important one – before it was legalized.  This is Dr. John Willke.

End of Life Care


    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
In the United States, one person out of three who dies will die without any need of end-of-life care.  The reason is they succumb quickly to an acute illness or their death is traumatic.  But the other two-thirds do need end-of-life care.  People who are dying know what they want.  They want death to come pain-free, in a comfortable setting, and without bankrupting the family.  The medical community has brought us marvelous, almost unbelievable heath care in the last few decades, but it has focused heavily on technology and on finding cures for disease.  All of this, of course, is good, but in this process, it sometimes loses sight of other aspects of patient care.  There is an art to medicine.  And we have to combine both art and technology in order to provide what people want when they’re at the end of their lives.

Choose Life Support

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
The patient is in coma.  The family wants life support continued.  The doctor wants to stop it.  What is the opinion of the American people on who should decide?

A major study by the Wirthlin Worldwide Group gave answers.  80% of those polled said the family should have the right to choose continuing care over the doctor’s objections.  That’s the family.  Now what if it is the patient himself who wants continuing care and the doctor does not?  Well, in that case, 85% of people said that life support should be continued. 

And so an overwhelming majority of Americans reject the dangerous idea that a doctor or an ethics committee can make the decision that a person should be allowed to die.  They don’t want the doctor to make that decision over the objections of the family or the patient.

Euthanasia Wallet Card

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Euthanasia is legal in the Netherlands.  For every six patients who die, one is killed by a doctor either through direct or indirect euthanasia.  And of these about half are killed without the patient’s knowledge or consent.  Because of this, many people have started carrying a card in their wallets.  Let me read it.  It says:  “I request that no medical treatment be withheld on the grounds that the future quality of my life will be diminished.  I believe this is not something that human beings can judge.  I request that under no circumstances should a life-ending treatment be administered, because I am of the opinion that people do not have the right to end life without the patient’s knowledge or consent.”  So, friends, particularly if you are over 65, if you rent a car in the Netherlands, drive carefully.

The Terminally Ill

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Terminally ill patients eventually reach a stage where they no longer need aggressive treatment.  Instead, they want pain management.  They want psychological and family support.  They want counseling.  They want spiritual advice.  They need more supportive care and symptom management. 

Happily, our medical community is moving rather quickly now to focus on these aspects of end-of-life care.  Ideally, this is practiced best in or through a hospice.  Twenty years ago almost no one knew anything about, or was cared for, by a hospice.  Today more than 10% of terminally ill people in the United States are cared for by a hospice.  You see, when dying patients are kept comfortable, and their needs are met, the request for euthanasia simply disappears, and this is truly the goal we all seek.

Hire a Professional Executioner?

    This is Dr. John Willke:
For over 2,000 years, people have trusted their doctor to what the famous Hippocratic oath says, “First, do no harm.”  I’ve been a physician for 50 years, and at times I think I know a lot.  But when I became ill, I had to trust my doctor.  You will want to trust your doctor too.  Such trust is essential to the doctor/patient relationship.  Someday we may wake up to find that euthanasia by doctors has been legalized.  Now, if and when such a law is about to be passed, let’s plead with our lawmakers to not have doctors do it.  Rather, hire a professional executioner. 

We cannot afford to destroy the trust people must place in their doctor.  This has largely happened in the Netherlands, where doctor-administered euthanasia is legal.  It must not happen here.  So if you’re going to allow such killing, hire a professional executioner.

Dutch Euthanasia Rules

    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Direct euthanasia is legal in Holland, but you’ve also heard that there are many conditions that must be fulfilled in order to kill a patient in Holland.  Well, here are those conditions:  Explicit and repeated voluntary requests by the patient, done by a licensed physician. 

No other solution available.  Unrelieved and intolerable pain.  Consultation with other doctors required.  Minor children need legal representation.  There is also required reporting.  Now all of these regs sound like they’d sharply limit the cases of euthanasia, but I have my International Right to Life office in Holland; I know what actually happens there.  In practice, all of these requirements are routinely ignored, and Holland goes ahead to have doctors kill almost every sixth person who dies there.

House of Lords
    This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel:
Britain’s House of Lords was prepared to endorse doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia for extreme cases.  But first they had the wisdom to appoint a select committee that went to Holland and investigated the Dutch euthanasia program.  After a thorough examination, they completely reversed their thinking and stated that they “do not think that it is possible to set secure limits.” 

They found clear evidence indicating that “non-voluntary euthanasia is commonly performed” and that “vulnerable people, the elderly, the lonely, sick and depressed feel pressured to request early death.  Under this,” they said, “the interest of the individual cannot be separated from the interest of society.”  And so this auspicious group publicly, then, opposed the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia.

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