1998 Life Jewels Volume 3
1 minute pro-life audio messages for the right choice
Created 1998
Life Jewels are produced by  Life Issues Institute, Inc.
 hosted by Dr. John C. Willke.

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Table of Contents Volume 3 Life Jewels 1998
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 1] Pre-Embryo
 32] PP and Abstinence
 2] Eggs Don't Implant
 33] PP Quotes
 3] Emergency Contraception
 34] Feminist Sarcasm
 4] In Vitro Fertilization
 35] Kill During Delivery
 5] Law on Cloning
 36] # of Partial Birth Abortions
 6] Right to Know
 37] China's One-Child Policy
 7] Parent's Liability
 38] Quinacrine Sterilization
 8] Sex Ed. Caught Not Taught
 39] Hitler's Birth
 9] Sex Clinics
 40] Hitler and Abortion
10] Loving Adoption
 41] Shoot the Messenger
11] Adoption Benefits
 42] Enough Food
12] Confidential Adoptions
 43] Below Birth Rate
13] Marriage Commitment
 44] Coffins vs. Cradles
14] Marriage Helps Kids
 45] West is Dying
15] Assault Rape
 46] Why Suicide
16] Raw Judicial Power
 47] Euthanasia Common?
17] Lincoln/Douglas  48] Who Wants Euthanasia?
18] Lobbying vs. Political
 49] Who Suggests Suicide?
19] How Many Abortions?
 50] Death with Dignity?
20] Hippocratic Oath
 51] Grandpa's Cup
21] An "Abortionist"
 52] AMA and Suicide
22] Worth Saving?
 53] German Euthanasia I
23] Smoking & Pregnancy
 54] German Euthanasia II
24] Abortion & Breast Cancer
 55] Autonomy & Suicide I
25] Politicizing Breast Cancer
 56] Autonomy & Suicide II
26] RU 486 Effectiveness
 57] Dutch Slippery Slope
27] RU 486 Preconditions
 58] Holland's Hospices
28] Cytotec With RU 486  59] Cursing
29] Hoechst RU 486 Boycott
 60] No Gay Gene
30] Planned Parenthood [PP]
 61] Thanksgiving
31] PP's Body Count  62] Christmas


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Volume 3 Life Jewels 1998


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel. (Listen Now)

You've heard the term pre-embryo?

It is used to refer to a living human from fertilization through his or her first two or three weeks of life. It is not a medical term.

It's a political term thought up in the last decade by abortionists to dehumanize tiny humans, as an uninformed person, hearing it, is likely to get the impression that this is not a human yet.

The correct term during those first weeks is “embryo”, or “living human embryo”, and this applies from the first cell stage. What then truly is a pre-embryo?

It is many millions of eager sperms swimming after one ovum. When one sperm connects with that ovum, this is no longer a pre-embryo – this is an embryo. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Fertilized eggs don't implant - human embryos do. And yet, with rare exceptions, media reports keep getting it wrong. And, sadly, too often pro-lifers also get it wrong.

Both keep saying that this pill or that method [quote] “prevents the fertilized egg from implanting.” [unquote]

This is biologic nonsense. The stage, “fertilized egg”, is the single-cell stage that occurs right after fertilization. It lasts for 24 hours and then cell division occurs. When cell division begins, this is no longer a fertilized egg, but now is an embryo.

Human embryos normally plant at one week of life in the nutrient lining of the woman's womb. So let's get it correct – fertilized eggs don't implant – embryos do. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Emergency contraception – you've heard that phrase.

That's the morning-after pill taken within three days after unprotected sex. They call it “contraception”, but that's a lie.

It is not contraception at all. Conception usually occurs within an hour of intercourse.

Then this new human embryo spends his or her first week of life floating down the mother's tube. When one week old, he or she plants within the nutrient lining of the womb.

This so-called “emergency contraception pill” hardens the lining of the womb, prevents implantation and thereby kills this one-week-old human embryo. This is not emergency contraception. This is a very early and very lethal abortion. Thought you'd like to know. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

In in vitro fertilization, a human sperm and a human ovum are brought together in a laboratory. The result of their union is the creation of a single celled, living, human male or female.

One problem is the “pick of the litter”, as it's called. You see, the scientist may fertilize six ovum, have in front of him six new living humans, then choose four to implant in a woman's womb and kill the other two. Another problem is freezing such embryos to store for later use.

In the freeze/thaw process, as many as 50% die. That's just another way of killing them. Finally, of those implanted, only 7% survive to develop into full term babies. I think it is obvious that in vitro fertilization is not safe for most living humans. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

If a human being is ever cloned, this single celled human at that first cell stage will be a brand new, complete, intact living male or female human.

President Clinton says he wants to ban human cloning and has issued an executive order. A close examination of his statement, however, reveals that he would only ban the birth of a cloned human prior to birth. He would allow experimentation after the creation of that cloned human and then allow the killing of that new but unborn human.

The correct law is one that would forbid the creation of that living human at the beginning. And it should forbid any experimentation that might be harmful or lethal to this new human. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Women's right-to-know laws have caused a drop in the number of abortions.

Since abortionists almost routinely gave little or no information to their clients, states are now passing laws to ensure that she is given adequate information on both sides of the issue, not just the sales pitch from the abortionist.

This is informed consent. These laws mandate that the abortionist must give written information, usually 24 hours before the abortion.

This includes details of fetal development, details of the abortion and its risks, and details of assistance available in the community to help her, if she decides to carry the child. When women are given such adequate information, more of them decide against abortion and for the life of the child. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Almost half of the states now have laws that require that a pregnant, unemancipated teenager, under 18, notify her parents before she has an abortion.

Unfortunately, many states do not. In addition, in a number of states that have passed laws to require notification, the laws have been held up in the courts. I'll tell you one thing that all states do require, however.

Whether or not a girl has notified her parents, if she is a minor, if she has an abortion, and then if she has major physical complications from the abortion, you know what?

In all 50 states, her parents are legally obligated to pay her medical expenses, whether or not they ever knew she was pregnant or even knew she was getting an abortion. Thought you'd like to know. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Some say that parents can't or won't give their children sex education.

Others, myself included, believe parents can't help giving it, rightly or wrongly. Is sex education only about how to do it?

True, children today must know far more detailed facts than were needed in the past. But teaching only facts, devoid of healthy attitudes and values, can end up being a disaster.

You see the handing on of attitudes and values by parents to their children, and not the teaching of facts, is far and away the most important aspect of sex education.

Most of these values and attitudes are taught by the day-to-day witness of the parents' lives and have very little to do with knowledge of biology. Your children are watching you. Are you a good example? This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

A school based health clinic. That is a nice sounding title – professional, helpful. You may have one proposed for your school.

But, be very careful. Ask them, “What will you do when a student asks for contraceptives?

Will you give her some, with or without parent's consent? What if a pregnant girl comes in? What will the clinic do? Will it refer her somewhere? If so, where to?”

There is a pattern across the nation. The clinic opens – then gradually the Planned Parenthood types take over.

In a few years it will be handing out condoms and pills without parental consent and will be referring to abortion mills, either directly or through a cooperative public health or Planned Parenthood clinic.

That's why we call them “sex clinics”. Thought you'd like to know. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

The most precious gift any of us can give another is the gift of life.

Mothers endure many months of pregnancy and then untold sacrifices to give their children the gift of life. For many birth mothers, this sacrifice can include unselfishly placing their child for adoption in a waiting pair of loving arms in order that the child will not only enjoy the gift of life, but also be able to grow and flourish in a stable family able to clothe, feed and educate them.

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. children in foster care clinging to the hope that someday they may join their forever family. They want nothing more than to lay their head on a pillow at night, have their mother and father kiss them and hear the words, “Sweet dreams – I love you.” This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Today I'd like to compare unmarried mothers who place their babies for adoption with those who kept their babies.

How did either group do later in life?

Of those who placed their babies, only 18% ended up living in poverty compared to 40% of those who kept their babies.

How many were on public assistance? 21% of those who chose adoption – 51% of those who kept their babies. Of the mothers who adopted, 77% graduated from high school compared to 60% of the others.

How many later got married -- 70% of those who adopted, only 50% who kept their babies. Benefits from adoption?

For the child, yes, of course. But there are also benefits to the mother who unselfishly placed her child in the arms of another loving couple. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Only 250 adoptions occur each year England. If the U.S. adopted at the same rate, there would only be 1,000 per year here.

In fact, 50,000 babies are placed. Why the difference?

Very simple, very direct. With the exception of a few states, with adoptions in the United States, the birth mother can still be guaranteed lifetime confidentiality, if she wishes.

In England, laws have retroactively opened all records for all adopted children who now can seek out their birth mother anytime, whether she wants the child to or not.

This has transformed adoptions in England into de facto long-term foster care. Now English women who want lifetime confidentiality abort their babies. They do not place them for adoption, which is no longer confidential. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Trial marriages fail 50% more often than traditional marriages.

Why is it that couples who co-habit before officially marrying have such a much higher divorce rate?

After all, the whole idea of a “trial” marriage is to test and see if such a union will be successful. The reason is that marriage is more than merely being in love.

It is more than merely learning how to live together day-to-day. It is more than getting to know each other. Marriage is a permanent commitment, and you simply cannot practice permanent commitment ahead of time.

Don't worry about sexual compatibility. That happens, if love and a commitment is there. What's important is your commitment, a binding contract. That is the very heart of what marriage is all about. This is Dr. John Willke.(TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Marriage is better for unborn babies.

Family Planning Perspectives, the house organ of Planned Parenthood, in a survey of 10,000 abortion patients, reports that women who live with a partner outside of marriage are almost four times more likely to have an abortion than women in the general population.

Another finding is that women who have no religious affiliation are also almost four times more likely to abort than those who are believers.

And we should also keep reminding ourselves and young people that unmarried mothers abort more often than married mothers, and that their born children have more problems than children from the married. Yes, marriage is better for all babies, born and unborn. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Should abortion be done if the pregnancy results from forcible rape?

The simple, most direct answer is “should we kill an innocent baby for the crime of his father?”

Or, another way of saying it, “We don't punish other criminals by killing their children, do we?

Why in this case?”

Deuterotomy 24:16 agrees. I quote: “The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers. Every man shall be put to death for his own sin.”

In over 50% of assault rape pregnancies, the second victim, the mother, does not want to kill her baby. Rather, she needs our compassion, our love, our continuing help and our encouragement. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

In 1973, Supreme Court Justice Byron White dissented from the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. Part of what he said was:

Quote “I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court's judgment. The Court simply fashions and announces a new constitutional right for pregnant mothers and, with scarcely any reason or authority for its action, invests that right with sufficient substance to override most existing state abortion statutes. As an exercise of raw judicial power, the Court perhaps has the authority to do what it does today, but in my view its judgment is an improvident and extravagant exercise of the power of judicial review.”  Justice White

Justice White's words echo down the years and we must not forget them. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

For an elected official to be personally “opposed to abortion”, but then to vote to support abortion, is an essential contradiction.

This is akin to a politician before the Civil War saying he was personally opposed to slavery, yet he still supported the right of others to own slaves.

This was Douglas's position – pro-choice on slavery – in the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates,

But Lincoln answered saying, “No one has the right to choose to do what is wrong.”

Douglas's reasoning was false back in 1850, and it is just as false today. If abortion is what these personally opposed politicians implicitly acknowledge it to be – the taking of innocent human life – then, in honesty and good conscience, their opposition cannot be merely personal but must extend to their public life and their votes and, if not, they should not be re-elected. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Lobbying and political action. These two activities are often confused in some people's minds. In the pro-life movement there are three separate types of actions, so separated for tax purposes.

First is an education foundation or church. Contributions to it are tax deductible, and it pays no income tax. Its job is to educate.

Second is a social action or lobbying group. Contributions to it are not tax deductible. It pays no income tax. It seeks to pass legislation.

Third is a political action group, or PAC. Contributions to it are not tax deductible. It pays no income tax. It campaigns for the election or defeat of candidates.

All three functions are quite different, and tax laws keep them that way. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

The number of abortions in the U.S. is decreasing. What is the actual number?

The official U.S. Center for Disease Control is a passive recipient of reporting of abortions from the states. If the state doesn't report, it doesn't know. This agency reports upwards of 1,200,000 abortions a year.

Far more accurate is the report of Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher Institute.

This group writes to each abortion provider, writes again, phones, phones again, and even visits some of the bigger abortion mills to get an accurate report of how many they do.

This group, reporting 1,550,000 for many years, now reports less than 1,500,000. That is the number we accept – not the smaller one from the federal agency. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

The Hippocratic Oath for centures has been sworn by medical students before they are granted their medical degrees.

But the entire Oath is not sworn by many graduating medical students anymore. When it is, two full sentences have been deleted.

Here are the sentences: I quote “I will give no deadly medicine to anyone, if asked, nor suggest any such counsel. Furthermore, I will not give to a woman a pessary to induce abortion.”

Very telling. By removing these sentences, the medical students getting their doctoral degrees have deleted from their oath the promise to not kill people by euthanasia and to not kill unborn babies by abortion.

Sad, isn't it? Thought you'd like to know. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

What do you call that person who commits abortions?

There is one title that is forever and always appropriate, and that is, he is an abortionist.

Would you call him an abortion doctor?

No. he disgraces a noble profession. He should dedicate his life to healing, but he kills unborn babies. To call him a doctor, or, worse yet, a surgeon, is to give him or her a certain status, a certain dignity which they don't deserve.

Does your obstetrician commit abortions? Don't call him or her an obstetrician – always use the word “abortionist”.

If challenged, your answer is, “You are a specialist in abortions. We call a skin specialist a dermatologist. We should call an abortion specialist an abortionist.”

He'll hate the term. It hurts his reputation. You know, if you hurt it enough, he just might quit his grisly trade. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Are severely handicapped newborns worth expensive efforts to save?

That was answered for me when Dr. C. Everett Koop, our former Surgeon General, told me his experience.

He had been Surgeon-in-Chief in Philadelphia, and for many decades had repaired nature's mistakes in infants and children. He recounted a 20-year reunion of his patients, some of whom had undergone as many as twenty different operations.

He asked if any of them regretted the sufferings involved in their reconstructive surgeries. Or would they rather not have been born?

They all said they were glad to be alive and would go through it all again to achieve their present degree of function. Were they worth saving? Don't ask us “normals”. Ask those who were saved. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

If you're pregnant and smoking, you're smoking for two.

You inhale nicotine, carbon monoxide and other chemicals, and these pass into the baby's body. The effect is – up to 14% of all premature births are caused by mothers smoking.

Babies born to mothers who smoke are half a pound or more lighter than those born to non-smokers. These low birth-weight babies have more problems than normal birth-weight babies, and smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage and of infant death.

You'll have a healthier baby, mother, if you don't smoke.

And you know, I don't really think that any unborn baby should be forced to smoke, for that's exactly what happens when you smoke yourself. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

You may have heard that induced abortion increases the risk of breast cancer.

Well, the studies being done on this are showing overwhelmingly that there is a close association, so this seems all but conclusively proven at this time. Breast cancer is not common in the first four or five decades of life, but its incidence increases progressively thereafter.

Dr. Joel Brind, probably the authority on this issue, has predicted that once today's group of women, who have had legalized abortion available throughout their reproductive lifetime, once they reach post-menopausal ages, there will be, by conservative estimates, 40,000-50,000 additional cases of breast cancer a year. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

The landmark study in the United States linking breast cancer to abortion was done by Dr. Janet Daling who is personally pro-abortion.

She recently stated: “If politics gets involved in science, it will really hold back the progress that we make. I have three sisters with breast cancer, and I resent people messing with scientific data to further their own political agendas, whether they're pro-choice or pro-life. I would have loved to have found no association between breast cancer and abortion, but our research is rock solid, our data is accurate – it's not a matter of believing, it's a matter of what is fact.”  unquote

Sadly, other researchers do mess with what their research shows and falsely claim there is no association. Too bad. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

U.S. trials on the efficiency of the French abortion pill, RU 486, have been reported.

When used with a prostaglandin, and only up until three weeks after missing her period, 92% of women aborted.

When that was extended to four weeks overdue, only 83% aborted. And when that was extended to five weeks after missing her period, only 77% of women aborted.

For those who did not abort, a surgical abortion was done, but 5% of the women in this tightly controlled study simply did not return for follow-up.

If some of these went on to deliver their babies, there is a significant probability of fetal malformation. This drug is not all it's been held up to be, and it is a dangerous drug. Thought you'd like to know. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

There have been ongoing trials testing the French abortion pill, RU 486, in the United States.

In these A woman was excluded from the trials if she had a problem with her liver, lungs, kidneys, adrenals or heart
-  if she had high blood pressure or anemia or blood clots
- if she had diabetes and needed insulin or had an intrauterine device or was breastfeeding

-  if she was under 18, over 35, smoked more than ten cigarettes a day or had any type of circulation problem
- if she was taking anti-blood clotting medicines or gluco-corticoid therapy

– if she had a tubal pregnancy or any other mass or condition in her tubes or ovaries
- if there was any suspicion that she was having a miscarriage. All these were excluded. In spite of these exclusions, these pills caused many physical complications. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

To cause an abortion with the French pill, RU 486, a second drug is needed. It is a prostaglandin, by name Cytotec, or Misoprostol.

Used alone, it too can cause an abortion, but in a smaller percentage of times. For those who took it alone, failed to abort and then delivered their babies, we have a report of the malformations it caused.

Three-fourths of the babies were born with club feet.

One-half with partial paralysis of their face muscles and eyes.

One-third had fused, webbed, shortened or missing fingers or toes.

One out of eight was born with a small skull and brain, as well as other problems with bones and muscles.

RU 486 is a dangerous drug. But the second drug used with it, Cytotec, clearly is also dangerous. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Why is it that the entire pro-life movement has been boycotting the drug company, Hoechst Marion Roussel?

It is because it is the originator of the deadly French abortion pill, RU 486.

This pill kills a developing baby in the mother's womb after his or her heart has begun to beat. Hoechst's best selling pill, Allegra, which succeeded its Seldane, is the specific target of the boycott.

Pro-lifers are urged, instead of Allegra, to use Claritin for relief of their allergies. If you do, you won't be supporting the drug company that loosed this human pesticide on the world by giving the drug to the aggressively anti-life organization, the Population Council. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota recently ran an ad which said this: “Babies are loud, smelly and expensive, unless you want one.”

Then, in smaller print, it said: “We exist to make sure babies are born planned and wanted. To discuss birth control or plan a pregnancy, call us today.”

It seems obvious that according to Planned Parenthood, a baby should only be allowed to live if his or her parents want the child. And if not wanted?

They'll oblige by killing the baby by abortion.

And where does this lead? Best we ask the obvioius core question here.

Since when does anyone's right to live depend upon someone else wanting them? Planned Parenthood's ethic is pervasively evil. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)

PP'S BODY COUNT Planned Parenthood

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

The largest baby-killing conglomerate in America – do you know which organization this is?

Well, it's Planned Parenthood.

They now kill more than 10% of all babies killed in abortion in America and refer almost 10% more to other killing centers.

In 1996, they committed 140,000 abortions. In 1997, it increased to 153,000. But interesting that year, all of its affiliates referred only 6,000 women for adoption, but there was a 64% increase in what they call “emergency contraception”, which is their language for very early abortions by pills.

You see, all of their branches in the U.S. participate in this killing. If they do not at least refer for elective abortions, they are disqualified from membership in Planned Parenthood. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)

Planned Parenthood

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

What does Planned Parenthood have to say about abstinence?

Well, here is their president, Gloria Feldt: “Teaching abstinence alone is a great disservice to young people.”

Pamela Miraldo, its former president, said: “Telling people just to practice abstinence is like telling a depressed person to cheer up.”

In their 1994 publication we read: “Exclusively urging abstinence, while condemning all non-marital sex, is unrealistic and irresponsible.”

Faye Waddleton, its president in the 80's, emphasized: “We are not going to be an organization promoting celibacy or chastity. Our concern is not to convey `shoulds' or `should nots' but to promote responsible sexual relationships.”

Okay, now you know. This is Dr. John Willke.

PP QUOTES - Planned Parenthood

This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

According to Planned Parenthood, and

I quote “There are only two basic kinds of sex: sex with victims and sex without.

Sex with victims is always wrong – sex without victims is always right.”  unquote

Further, they have said, “If this is a girl you've just met, and she agrees to have sexual relations, you're in the clear providing she's old enough to have some sense.”

And again Planned Parenthood,  “Babies are not sweet little things. They wet and dirty themselves; they get sick; they're very expensive to pay for.”

And Planned Parenthood of Minnesota added  “Babies are loud, smelly and expensive, unless you want one.”

Finally, Canadian Planned Parenthood's Bulletin said, “The solution is to teach young people how to experience sexual pleasure instead of teaching them not to have sex.” This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

A nationally syndicated columnist wrote a column in which he supported the ban on killing babies during delivery, that is, partial-birth abortion.

He received a nasty letter from a pro-abortion feminist. She ridiculed him and all men who she said piously denounced abortion.

She stated sarcastically that men don't have a clue as to what it is like to carry an unwanted child. His response was equally sarcastic.

He said, “True, a man doesn't know what it's like to bear a child. On the other hand, I don't know of any woman who knows what it feels like to have a hole poked in the base of her skull and her brains sucked out, although some talk as if they might have experienced it.” This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 You probably know what a partial-birth abortion is, but a great many people do not.

When we speak to someone else about this, and use the words, “partial-birth abortion” --- Some only hear the word “abortion” and their minds clamp shut.

They know what abortion is, and they don't want to be bugged about it.

Rather, you should approach it this way: Use the words “killing babies during delivery”.

If you use that phrase, your listener will perk up, look at you and tune in. Follow these words with “you know, partial-birth abortion”.

If you phrase it this way, you get their attention and you can then tell them about this gruesome procedure.

Remember, “killing babies during delivery (pause), you know, partial-birth abortion.” This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Partial-birth abortion – that's when they kill the baby during delivery.

After four-fifths of the baby is delivered, feet first, the abortionist punctures the skull and sucks out the baby's brains.

Four-fifths of these babies are normal. Half are old enough to survive, if born. But how many of these are done in the U.S.?

Pro-abortion officials had claimed that only 450 were done each year.

But the executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers later said: “I lied through my teeth” and acknowledged at least 5,000.

But one New Jersey abortion mill alone admitted doing 1,500 a year. So a conservative guess would be at least 10,000.

But why kill them? One more tug and the baby's head would pop out, the child could be given to the nurse and then placed in waiting adoptive arms. Why kill these normal little kids? This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)



This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Aside from being compulsory and immoral in itself, China's one-child policy will soon be trouble waiting to happen.

These only-children are generally quite well educated on many levels, but a recent study showed that their ability to look after themselves “was very poor”.

This policy is creating a nation of only-children who are lavished with attention by doting parents and grandparents.

Teachers report that these students are increasingly selfish, that they are spoiled and unable to share with others.  Bunt in a few years, when this artificial generation reaches young adulthood and wants to marry, there will be a large surplus of young men hunting for brides who don't exist. Talk about trouble waiting to happen? This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

The nations of Chile and India, after many years of  testing on women, has formally banned the use of Quinacrine for sterilization purposes.

Chile based its decision on records of severe side effects on women. This drug is supposed to irreversibly sterilize a woman when inserted through the uterus and into the opening of her tubes.

It causes acute abdominal inflammation, this is very painful, resulting in thick scars which presumably permanently prevent sperm passage.

There are later after-effects are adhesions, menstrual problems and cancer of the womb. Sometimes it leaves a small opening which allows the sperm to get into the tube, but not a large enough opening for the embryo to return through the tube.

The embryonic human, then, lodges in the tube, causing a tubal pregnancy with sometimes catastrophic results for the woman. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Today a true story.

Years ago, a Jewish physician in Branau, Austria, witnessed the delivery of two babies. One was a vigorous, healthy boy. He made his parents extremely proud and happy.

The other was a Down's Syndrome girl. Because of her handicapped condition, her birth made her parents very sad. This doctor followed them both for almost 50 years.

He related that he didn't know the girl's name but knew she grew up living at home. She finally was the one who was to nurse her mother through a very long and lingering illness after a stroke.

He did know the boy's name. He grew up to cause the deaths of millions and died in a bunker in Berlin. His name was Adolf Hitler. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

There are those people, down through the years, who have claimed that Hitler was not in favor of abortion, that he actually forbade  it.

Actually, there is a kernel of truth to this.

He was opposed to abortion for members of his pure blood Aryan race, the reason?  He wanted more babies from these men and women and so he forbade them to abort.

But he was all in favor of abortions for Jews, for Gypsies, for Polish women and for those of other nationalities.

Hitler's opinion and practice on abortion were shaped by his own “master race” thinking and had nothing at all to do with whether or not abortion was the killing of an innocent human life. Thought you'd like to know. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Pictures of dead Jews in a concentration camp engender an emotional judgment against and condemnation of the Nazis, but a garbage pail full of dead baby parts does not produce a similar negative judgment against the abortionist.

On the contrary, frequently the judgment is against the messenger who brings the pictorial message. Why?

I think its because today's generation bears no responsibility for the slaughtered Jews, but today's generation's hands are covered with the blood of innocent, aborted babies.

I think what this tells us is that when a person is confronted with his own guilt, it is easier to “shoot the messenger” than to deal with such personal guilt. What do you think? This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

The world's population rose from 3 billion in 1960 to 5.3 billion in 1990. But food production grew even faster, outstripping population growth by 20%.

The result has been a 60% drop in real prices for food commodities since the that time. The incidence of outright famine has dropped to one-tenth to what it was  and caloric intake per person has risen 25% worldwide during these same years.

In the last decade, the birth rate has dropped sharply around the world, resulting in a progressive slowing of population growth, while food production continues to increase.

There is enough food for everyone in the world, but local political forces sometimes prevent its adequate distribution. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

You all know that almost every developed nation has a birth rate under replacement levels, but did you know that the birth dearth has spread well beyond the developed world.

Twenty-seven developing nations now have fewer than 2.2 children per woman, which means they are not reproducing their own numbers.

In 1985, the world's total rate was 4.2. Now it's 2.9 and dropping. Seventy-nine countries, containing 40% of the world's population, now have birth rates below replacement level.

Assuming this trend continues, it is estimated that in twenty years two-thirds of all people on earth will live in countries that are dying because of an inadequate birth rate. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Thirty-five nations are dying in Eastern and Western Europe. Fifteen European countries now fill more coffins than cradles.

Only two are above replacement birth rates – Malta and Albania – with Ireland barely keeping even. The average, married European woman today has 1.35 children in her lifetime.

European Russia has barely one child per woman in her lifetime, whereas 2.1 children are needed to maintain a level population.

So what is happening? Turks are moving into Germany, Austria and Greece – Algerians into France, West Indians into England, and North Africans into Italy.

It may be that these southern people, who value life and larger families, may be destined to “inherit the earth” – of Europe. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

Why are Western nations trying so frantically to reduce the population of the developing world?

Well, in 1930, Caucasian people of the West made up 35% of the earth's population.

Today the West comprises 15% and is still dominant, economically, militarily and otherwise. But, if present birth rates continue, by the year 2025 it will be 9%, and by 2100 under 5%.

Youe see, during the last century, Europe and the U.S. had extremely high birth rates, exported people to other countries and came to dominate the globe. But now, in the US except for immigration, our population would be shrinking. Our global dominance will continue only if our birth rate again rises or the anti-population zealots can reduce the growth rate and/or even reduce the population of lesser developed nations. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

We've heard a lot about assisted suicide. But a lot of people commit suicide without anyone's assistance.

Of those who do it themselves,

94% suffer from an identifiable mental disorder.

An additional 25% suffer from alcoholism.

Another 15% had a recognizable but undiagnosed psychiatric disorder –

4% organic brain syndrome – 2% were schizophrenic and 1% drug addicts.

These total 94%. That leaves about 6% who simply sit down and presumably make a rational decision to commit suicide. And so you see one's mental state is overwhelmingly important as a causative factor among those who do it themselves or who ask for assistance in doing it.

As pro-lifers, our job is to help treat their mental illnesses, not to help kill them. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

You've heard that physician-assisted suicide is common?
Not so.

In all of the briefs presented to the U.S. Supreme Court prior to their decision on this, the reporting was consistent. There is almost no evidence that this is a common practice. More recently, a national survey of over 3,000 doctors confirmed this impression.

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel of the National Institute of Health reports that as few as 3% of doctors have ever assisted a patient to die, and of all deaths in the U.S., I quote: “Perhaps one percent are hastened by physicians.”

And so you're still safe. You can still trust your doctor. But if euthanasia is ever legalized, this could change. It did in Holland and continues to get worse. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 At a national symposium in Washington, the following conclusions were clear. There is opposition to physician-assisted suicide, that is, euthanasia, by a clear majority of (1) older adults, (2) those who are physically or mentally ill, (3) those who are experiencing pain, (4) those who are less educated, (5) those who are less wealthy, and (6) Black Americans.

It's obvious that these are exactly the groups of people most likely to be the unwilling victims of euthanasia, if and when it is ever legalized. Are you curious, then, as to who supports it? The strongest supporters of assisted suicide and euthanasia are those who are White, male, better educated and healthy. This is Dr. John Willke.



This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 Who is it that suggests physician-assisted suicide? We are told that it is the patient, but that is not usually true. When the patient does ask, it is usually a cry for help. Sometimes the family suggests euthanasia. But, particularly if the patient is a continuing burden to them, this places substantial emotional pressure on the patient to get out of the way and cease being a burden.

The worst situation is when the doctor suggests it. When the doctor does, this often gives a clear message to the patient that the medical situation is hopeless, the doctor can do no more, and that only pain, fright and suffering lie ahead. In a thinly veiled way, when the doctor suggests it, the doctor is recommending it. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 Pro-euthanasia people make a continuing argument for “death with dignity”.

Rather, I think most of us would want to live with dignity until death. Truly, we should not equate personal dignity with control of bowel function or the need to be able to independently care for all of our own bodily needs at all times. True human dignity is internal, not external.

True human dignity is the person himself. Illness does not destroy one's inherent dignity. If a patient is treated with dignity by family and friends, he or she retains all of the respect and dignity that their personhood is due. Depending upon others at the end of life should be accepted as a gracious giving back to the patient what he or she gave to others. This is Dr. John Willke.



This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 Grandpa was old, his hands shook, he frequently dropped his cup and spilled coffee at the family table. Accordingly, his son put him at a side table without a tablecloth and got him an unbreakable wooden cup.

Some days later, when the father came home, he found his small son on the porch steps carving on a piece of wood. He asked little Johnny what he was doing.

The little boy replied, “I am making a wooden cup, Daddy, because when I get big, and you're old, and I have to put you at a side table, then I'll have a cup for you to use.” Truly our children, when adults, will do what we did, not necessarily what we told them to do. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 The American Medical Association has been tolerant of induced abortion since its legalization. It has said, in effect, that what is legal is ethical. In contrast to their persistent pro-abortion stand, the AMA has taken a very strong and definitive stand against assisted suicide and euthanasia. They publicly submitted two excellent and persuasive friend-of-the-court briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1997, pleading that a doctor's role is to heal, not kill. Further, the AMA has begun a nationwide effort to teach clinicians pain control and compassionate care of the dying. Too bad they don't also apply this respect for and protection of human life to abortion. But at least thanks to the AMA for their position on euthanasia. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 The first people killed in gas chambers in Germany were not Jews or Gypsies or Poles or Russian prisoners of war. No, they were pure blood Germans who were inmates at mental institutions. They were selected for death by psychiatrists. The gas chambers in which they were killed were designed and erected by psychiatrists in mental hospitals.

Almost 300,000 Germans were gassed and burned in mental institutions in the two years prior to the beginning of the Nazi Holocaust. Only after becoming used to the killing of “defective” people did Hitler's doctors turn to the killing of those of a so-called “defective” race. The gas chambers were moved to the concentration camps, and the killing proceeded. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 The original gas chambers were erected in German psychiatric hospitals and used from 1939-41 to kill pure blood Aryans, Germans who were mental patients. They were also used for handicapped children. In 1941 the gas chambers were removed from the mental hospitals and re-erected in Nazi concentration camps. The killing of German mental patients, however, did not stop.

It continued in the same hospitals but by different methods. Such “useless eaters” were killed by slow starvation, by lethal injections and by overdoses of toxic medications.

The killing did not stop until 1945 when the Allies occupied Germany. But it all started when doctors deliberately killed the first hopelessly insane person. Sadly, the U.S. is not far from taking that first step. This is Dr. John Willke.



This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 Proponents of assisted suicide claim that legalization will increase autonomy and the ability of patients to make their own decisions. Experience has shown the exact opposite. Rather, it is still the doctor who decides whether to perform euthanasia.

The doctor can fail to give a patient obvious alternatives, can ignore a patient's ambivalence, can actually suggest death and can (and in Holland they do) kill patients who have not requested to die. Legal euthanasia enhances the power and control of doctors and decreases that of the patient.

Do you want to make it legal for doctors to kill patients? Would you want to join Dutch people who now carry cards to inform the hospital that they do not want to be killed without their knowledge or consent? It's something to think about. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 One argument for physician-assisted suicide is that it gives the patient the right of autonomy to make his or her own decision. But a critical look at the Dutch situation, where this has been legal for over a decade, shows that legalization of such euthanasia has not added to patient autonomy.

Only in a minority of cases is the patient there even involved in the decision. What legalized euthanasia has done in Holland has been to vastly increase the power of the physician over the patient's life or death.

This has turned out not to be a patient decision in most cases, but rather the doctor's decision – often not even shared with the patient. Be warned – the same thing will happen here if we legalize physician-assisted suicide. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 Euthanasia is legal in Holland, and we are told that it is rare, tightly controlled, with many restrictions, and done only in the most serious and advanced cases. But this is not so. The actual facts are far removed from this. Physician-assisted suicide in Holland has progressed to direct physician killing of patients.

Euthanasia for the terminally ill has progressed to euthanasia for the chronically ill. Euthanasia for physical problems has progressed to euthanasia for psychiatric problems. Voluntary euthanasia has progressed to involuntary euthanasia. Euthanasia in Holland is a classic example of the “slippery slope”.

I predict that any state that legalizes physician-assisted suicide will move progressively down that same slippery slope. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 One significant and tragic result of the legalization of euthanasia in Holland has been the almost total lack of progression in developing compassionate alternatives to euthanasia. These include primarily medical expertise in pain control. This also consists of coordinated medical, nursing, spiritual and other care such as that given in a hospice.

Holland has four small hospices struggling to survive. Across the Channel in England, euthanasia is not legal and there are now almost 400 busy, functional and successful hospices. Holland hasn't needed hospices. They have a much quicker and less costly solution to painful and terminal illness – their doctors kill the patient. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 Cursing, vulgarity – it's difficult to go to a movie or watch a video drama without hearing curse words. Does this reflect today's America? I didn't think so. Certainly I don't hear profanity and vulgarity very often. But am I sheltered? Well, a major study entitled “Cursing in America” found that I'm right. 97% of people in the US are concerned about vulgar language. 80% object. But how many use curse words in their leisure time themselves? Only 12%. And how many curse on the job? 7%. Will your children, when adults, use curse words? The rule is, only if you taught them to. Like smoking, drugs, adultery, abortion and so many other things, as adults they'll very likely do what you did, not what you told them to do. Remember, they are watching and listening. This is Dr. John Willke. (TOC)


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

There is now a new study regarding the claim that there is a genetic basis for homosexuality. Dr. Dean Hamer of the U.S. National Institute of Health in 1995 claimed to have found a “gay gene”. His report and his claimed “proof” received international publicity by the liberal media.

What was not said was that Hamer himself is a known homosexual and an aggressive and vocal homosexual advocate. This new study by Dr. Alan Sanders, also of the National Institute of Health, repeated, carefully and in detail, Dr. Hamer's study in order to verify it. Dr. Sanders found no evidence to support Hamer's claimed “discovery”.

This substantially debunks the well publicized claim that homosexuality is genetic. Homosexuals can change. Most are pro-abortion now, but become pro-life if and when they change. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a Life Jewel.

 Over 25 years and over 40 million babies killed – and we should be thankful? But let's look for silver linings. Because of this holocaust, we've seen an outpouring of help for pregnant women and the creation of almost 4,000 crisis pregnancy centers.

We've seen an effective and still growing pro-life movement that I believe someday will again bring protection to unborn babies.

We have seen the melting away of denominational divisions and an unprecedented cooperation, working together and praying together of people of different faiths who've come together to save babies and help mothers. Yes, thank you, Lord, for the good things that have happened. This is Dr. John Willke.


This is Dr. John Willke with a personal Life Jewel.

When our children were small, they would help us set up the empty Bethlehem stable for Advent on the first Sunday in December.  We had been blessed soon after our marriage to be able to obtain a crèche set with many additional shepherds and sheep and three angels. 

Then every morning until Christmas, when the kids woke up, the first thing they’d do would be to run downstairs to the crèche --- to find --- another new arrival – a sheep, a shepherd, another sheep, an angel, an ox, and so on.  Finally, on Christmas Eve they’d find Mary and Joseph coming near the crèche with the donkey. 

And on Christmas morn they’d find the Christ Child in the manger, born just as God had planned.  Great memories, great teaching.  This is Dr. John Willke.

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Here’s Dr. John Willke, your host for Life Jewels.

    Who is it that suggests physician-assisted suicide?  Well, we’re told it’s the patient
but that’s not usually true.  When the patient does ask, it’s usually their cry for help.  In a thinly,
 veiled way, when the doctors suggests it, the doctor is recommending it.

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Here’s Dr. John Willke, your host for Life Jewels.
    In 1985, the world’s total reproduction rate was 4.2, now it’s 2.9 and dropping.
 Assuming this trend continues, it’s estimated that in twenty years, two-thirds of all people on
earth will live in countries that are dying because of an inadequate birth rate.


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